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Most Common Beard Growth Problems and Their Solutions

In an ideal world, growing a beard would be simple, easy, and fun. Men know that it does not always work like this. To wear a luscious beard you can always be proud of, there are some problems you may have to tackle along the way. Here we unlock some of the most common beard growth problems highlighting their solutions.

Beard Itch

It’s unimaginable how uncomfortable an itchy beard is. This can also be embarrassing, especially when doing something important in front of people, and suddenly have the urge to scratch something you cannot put off. Most of the time, dryness will be the cause of the itchiness. Using the best beard shampoo will take care of this beard problem effectively. Not combing the beard or generally neglecting it can also cause itchiness. Remember it is essential to be on a proper beard care routine if you never want to experience the itchy sensation.

Patchy Beard

A patchy beard is a cause for worry. What happens is that the facial hair will grow in certain areas and not in others resulting in an awkward looking beard that is not appealing. Luckily, you can evenly grow out the beard by following a few simple steps. Start by exfoliating the areas with minimal hair growth. This opens up pores and stimulates blood vessels encouraging growth. Using oils such as Alma or coconut oil sparingly can also help. Other ideas that can be useful include eating well, managing stress levels, exercising, and getting enough sleep.

Beard Dandruff

Dandruff on the beards is common for men who do not moisturize their facial hairs. Note that using facial moisturizers does not work because these products do not penetrate through the beard. Washing and drying the entire face daily will not deal with the flakes on your beard. A good beard moisturizer will take care of this problem within no time. Using this together with a good shampoo will keep dandruff away. Don’t forget to clean and moisturize on a daily basis to keep the beard area looking fresh at all times.

Beard Knots and Split Ends

It is not uncommon to spot split ends and knots on men beards. These are usually messy, rough, and uncomfortable not mentioning that these stand on the way of your beard’s glorious potential. What causes the splits is lack of sebum oil coverage, which protects the hair follicles from dryness and damage.
As the beard grows longer, your sebaceous glands fail to produce enough sebum oil to cover the length of the follicles creating dryness, coarseness, and split-ends. The solution to this issue is the use of quality beard oil. Use a beard brush to distribute the oil evenly amongst the follicles to end up with a kempt and well-groomed appearance. You can also use sharp beard scissors to get rid of the brittle ends immediately they crop up.

Smelly Beard

When you do not pay attention to beard grooming, there are high chances that it will develop an unpleasant scent. No one may even want to get close to you because of the smell coming from your chin. When dirt and oil accumulate on your beard over time, it will definitely stink.
If you do not want to be the talk of the town because of a smelly beard, be sure to practice proper hygiene when looking after your beard. Wash the beard at least two times in a week with a shampoo that is free from sulphate and conditioner. You can also use beard creams and oil-rich lotions to neutralize the smell.

Beard Acne

While growing out your beard can protect the skin from sunlight exposure and pollution, men with sensitive skin are prone to acne development. This occurs when bacteria accumulates around the hair follicles and the ingrown hair contribute to inflammation and development of painful acne. If you are ever a victim of this use tea tree oil on the skin to treat the acne and prevent it from re-occurring.


Growing and grooming a good-looking beard is now a lifestyle for men. There are many reasons for wearing the perfect beard including driving the ladies crazy. Just be sure to maintain the beard properly to avoid issues that arise when you are growing the beard so that you can always rock a healthy and gorgeous beard.