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Customize a Standing Desk in Order with Your Own Needs and Get Amazing Health Results

If you work in an office or from home, you know how one starts feeling after long hours of typing, reading, or writing. Fatigue is the smallest of issues that arise. Along with it, office workers suffer from specific discomfort and medical conditions that are connected with long sitting. The most common of them are:

  • Migraines;
  • Constant pains in the back that don’t disappear so easily even if you aren’t sitting anymore;
  • Lasting aches in the neck;
  • Constant weight gain even if you do your best to eat healthier food and to move as much as you can.

These smaller issues lead to more severe health problems such as obesity and diabetes. Needless to mention that your work efficiency suffers immensely. However, all these problems can be avoided if you get a proper desk. 

Choose the Right Desk

Choose your new standing desk correctly. Of course, we know that it is not only about choosing the right size, technical features, but also about selecting the most appropriate design. The budget is also not in the last place. 

You don’t need to visit shops and plants to buy a desk. On this website, you can build your furniture piece with a special online tool, the desk builder. Here is how it goes, step by step:

  • Start with choosing the model: there are images of the available desk top models on the right. Click on the one you like, and it will be moved to the left part of the screen. 
  • Now, construct the chosen desk model from the available components. Click on Next in the right top corner to move to the lifting frame choice. Click on the lifting frame that you want for your desk. The frame will be moved to the left part of the screen. Click on the Next option to move to the top size selection. 
  • Now, choose the top size, the colour, the tabletop grommet. 
  • Select the remote control.

Just below the image of your desk, you can see its price. You might have already noticed how it was changing when you were selecting components. It helps you to make sure the chosen model will be within an affordable budget. 

Accessories Are Needed

If you are still within the budget, you can move directly to the selection of accessories. They can be also selected with the same tool, the desk builder. Your choice will depend on your needs. Here, we will check the most common items.

A Desk Drawer

For adjustable desks, you can buy special drawers. They can be locked under the desk top and don’t break the design of your new furniture piece. Such a drawer is convenient if you work with papers or need to keep somewhere accessories needed for work.

A Monitor Riser

It is irreplaceable if you cannot adjust the height of your PC monitor to the needed level. If you need to change the height from time to time, you might want to get a height-adjustable monitor support. It will allow you to keep the monitor at the needed tilt, too.

Desk Wheels

If you would like to move your desk from one place to another sometimes, consider this small modification. Don’t worry, the desk will not roll uncontrollably. Lock the wheels when you need to work, and unlock them to change the desk location.


This is just a must-to-have item if your computer has a CPU. The unit is fixed to your table and is sturdy enough to provide a reliable support for a CPU. With it, you don’t need to place the CPU on the floor or to purchase for it an additional furniture piece.

Adjust the Desk and Do Exercises

Buying a desk with all the accessories isn’t enough to get rid of health issues and discomfort. Adjust it as needed. When you are working, your hands shall rest on the keyboard. The elbows shall be bent under a 90-degree angle. The screen of your computer, the central part of the screen, shall be at the level of your eyes. And finally, the feet shall rest on the floor. These are the main rules that will provide you the basic comfort while working.

Don’t forget about physical exercises. There are many of them, and to do some, you don’t even need to stop your work. Start with the easiest exercises: lifts on toes, stretches. Once you feel that these exercises aren’t enough, move to a more complex workout. For example, you can include push-ups, and your new adjustable desk can serve as support. Or you can try lifts from the chair. There are many options, and with time, you will choose those that are more suitable for you.

The results will be noticeable almost immediately, and within just a couple of months, you will be able to appreciate the benefits of your new working place to the full extent.