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Who Is The Best Supplier Of Nutritional Laminitis Supplements For Horses?

Horses need six types of nutrients to survive they are water, vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, fats and proteins. Water is the most important element that helps horses live long. They need increased energy in their diet because of exercising, growing, pregnancy in late gestation or early location. E3 Live for horses offers blue green algae nutritional laminitis supplements to help build solid new hoof material. The vitamins and mineral supplements help in improving the efficiency of energy utilization. Using minerals, protein and vitamins, the owner and rider can ensure that their horses have the right amount of energy to perform at the best of their ability.

These all nutritional laminitis supplements are available in blue green algae. It is one the most nutritionally dense chlorophyll rich superfoods. It provides many absorptive minerals, vitamins and enzymes and is a kind of Aphanizomenon Flos Aquae (AFA 100%) that prevents disease and promotes health.

Why Do You Choose E3 Live For Horses?

Nutritional deficiency is your horse’s biggest enemy, especially when it comes to hoof health. The best nutritional laminitis supplements are supplied by E3 live and E3 AFA for horses. The blue-green algae is harvested from the pure fresh water of Klamath lake Oregon, US which is one of the fewest unpolluted alkaline lakes on this planet. This blue green algae is the most nutritious wholesome food created by nature. This simple organism is the oldest form of algae in its basic form and is rich in proteins, vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, a huge amount of chlorophyll and many other nutrients a body needs. The supplements of this company contain micronutrients that are subject to:-

  1. enhance the regeneration of damaged hoof tissues.
  2. provide strength to the immune system.
  3. act as a drug to reduce swelling.
  4. enhance attention, brain function and alertness.
  5. improve endurance, energy and vitality.

It is an unique supplement that works as a nutritional support for hoof health and its integrity. This supplement also contains Zinc and amino acid. This is a perfect formula to help maintain hoof health. Zinc helps in producing strong Keratin growth in the hoof and when combined with Biotin (vitamin H) can work wonders to produce a strong new hoof growth.

Feeding Recommendation of these Supplements:-

  1. Ponies:- 25 gms daily as maintenance dose, but if you see signs of laminitis increase the dose to 50 gms daily.
  2. Horses:- 25 gms to 50 gms daily as maintenance dose, all depending on how severe the situation is.
  3. A large daily dose of 75 gms can be given for 2-3 weeks, at first signs of laminitis. 100 gms can be given for every large horse. At 25 gms per day, a 1.2 kg tub will last for 48 days and a 50 gms per day – a 3 kg tub will last for 60 days and a 2.4 kg tub dose will last for 90 days. All you need to do is to store it in a cool dry place with 10-20 degree temperature.


The E3 live supplements are sold in America for over half a century. But still people are not fully aware of the health benefits of blue green algae, a E3 live product. This company supplies Aphanizomenon Flos. Aquae (AFA) the first protein and the most ancient wholesome food on earth. It is a living, liquid, aqua coloured algae that helps fight and heal common health problems in horses like arthritis, osteoarthritis, joints diseases that greatly affects your horse’s range of motion. Henceforth, E3 live is the only reliable company that supplies this amazing superfood for horses in its fresh frozen from.