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How do Avoalre Arc-Chill Cooling Mat for Pets Keep Your Pup Chilled?

Just like us pets are also susceptible to the heat – especially during the sweltering summer months. Heatstroke, exhaustion, and dehydration can easily sneak up on dogs and cats. Dogs and cat fur are naturally cloistering. The best way to keep pets cool, calm, and dry during hot weather. Avoalre Arc-chill cooling mats can lend a hand to canines and felines alike! The mats are specially designed to lower your dog or cat’s body temperature and prevent overheating. This type of mat can help pets cool off the heat, specifically if it has fur and needs to relax after an energetic play session. Know more to learn how to do Avoalre Arc-chill cooling mat for pets keeps your pup chilled out.

Hot sunny days of summer are hard enough to manage by humans. Imagine how difficult it would be when you wear a furry coat in summer all day long. In case you have a Tripawd dog or cat, you might have seen how the heat affects them. Summers make it worse for them to manage. So, if you are also looking for the best option to keep your pets cool during heat waves, then get arc-chill tech cooling mats for your pets.

Reasons to buy arc-chill tech cooling mats for dogs or cats

  •       No refrigeration and electricity are needed
  •       No need to add water
  •       Mats are 100% safe for pets, adults, or children
  •       The portable mat is foldable so you can put them in sofas, pet beds, car seats, lawns, or anywhere.
  •       Designed to protect your sofas free from pet hairs & stains
  •       Washable and it won’t affect its cool functioning
  •       Lifetime service support
  •       Made with non-toxic cooling technology
  •       Mats are automatic pressure-activated

These cooling dog mats and crate pads can make it hassle-free for your lovely pets to enjoy their summers. Now it’s high time to say goodbye to ordinary pet mats! Avoalre self-cooling pet mat top side is made of original and latest Japanese Arc-chill cool technology. It is super easy to use, only by touching it the pet can start feeling cool and relaxed as it lowers the skin temperature to 50c. Its Q-max value is 2 times more than other cooling mats. The fabric is woven with arc-chill cool yarn. It can quickly transfer moisture from the skin to the surface of the fabric and quickly evaporate so that the pet skin remains dry, cool, and comfortable.

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Humidity Indicator Card

Will these wet cushions cause discomfort and skin disease to your pets? If this question still makes you worried a lot, then don’t worry at all because Avoalre Arc-chill cooling mats can help you get relief. It has a humidity indicator card on the mat which can perfectly help you to solve this problem. For instance, if the mat is blue in color, it is dry but if it turns pink then the mat is wet and needs to get dried. So, for your pet’s good health, make sure the mat is dry and fresh always.

How to use a humidity indicator card?

  •       First take out the humidity indicator card and tear off the plastic package
  •       Secondly, put back the card at its place and use the mat for pets
  •       When card turns pink, it means it is wet and needs to be dried
  •       Air-dry the mat till pink turns blue.

A chilled mat gives your dog or cats a place to cool down faster and naturally. The mat is available in three different sizes designed for large, medium, and small pet dogs or cats. There are many cooling pads available on the market but the Avoalre Arc-chill cooling mat ensures your pet friend’s body temperature remains under control. Consider a pet cooling mat and keep your beloved pet comfortable and happy all day long in summer.