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Must-Have Bathroom Design Features in 2020

Whether you feel like your bathroom is in need of a new look or you simply want to stay on-trend and up to date with the latest interior must-haves, there are lots of amazing things that can be done within the bathroom to enhance the space this year. It doesn’t matter what size or layout you have to work with, you can create a stunning space with a few of the key design features making waves throughout 2020. But making stunning bathroom is not only a thing you have to consider, there is one more important part of the bathroom design is drainage system. So as you are thinking to use technology in your bathroom upgrade, you can also give a try to linear shower drain.

Marble Touches

As a material, marble is ideal for use within the bathroom. From the durable surface properties to the chic aesthetic, marble brings an instantly fresh and luxurious feel to any space. There are lots of ways in which marble can feature within your bathroom, from a solid floating top with a stylish sink, to marble tiles in the shower to give that extra touch of character. You often find that marble makes a statement within the home and with a selection of stunning colours to choose from, you can find the perfect fit for your bathrooms overall style.

Bathroom Tech

Over the last few years we’ve seen technology take over the home, from Alexa in every room to voice controlled fridges, there’s something to make like easier in any space and the bathroom is no exception. One of the most exciting design features taking the interior world by storm throughout 2020 is the addition of a smart shower. With the likes of Aqualisa introducing their smart showers, it’s never been easier to control the temperature and pressure of your shower from one tap of a button. You can now enjoy the perfect shower, whilst saving water and doing your bit for the environment too. Gone are the days when you had to sit and let the water run to catch the perfect temperature, you can now use a handy Smart App to control your shower, so it’s just the way you like it.

Dark Palettes

Traditionally, bathrooms are decorated in a fresh, bright palette that gives off a cool and airy feel, but as we progress through 2020 it’s becoming clear that working with a darker palette is a great way to go. Combining the dark, moody tones together with accents of gold and silver is proving to transform the bathroom space and create a luxe style that brings the overall décor up to the latest trends. It’s important to get the balance right when working with darker tones, but when combined with a complimentary selection of whites and creams, this new colour palette creates the ultimate relaxing space for you to enjoy.

Minimalist Approach

The term ‘less is more’ is used a lot when it comes to interior design and with the bathroom taking a minimalist approach is very beneficial. You want your bathroom space to feel open, fresh and clean and having less on display really helps to achieve this. You want to eliminate any unwanted clutter that could be affecting the overall atmosphere of the room and stick to minimalist shelving, keeping the décor the main focus of the room.

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