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Increase the Social Engagement on Your Pictures With Faces


Social media. What comes in your mind when you think about social media? Some may feel it is a waste of time. Some may think it is part of everyday life. And maybe some of you will see business opportunities in the social app. At this moment there is a shift in social networking sites. Facebook used to be the top dog, but nowadays people in their 20’s are spending more time on social networking sites like Instagram.Because of this,it can be a smart move to promote your business on Instagram rather than on Facebook. After creating an account, the next step is to gain followers, but what is the fastest way to get followers?You can easily buy IG followers from trustworthy companies. Primarily pictures with people on them are shared more than pictures without people on them. From offline studies, it is known that faceshave a lot of non-verbal communication. Soin this article we will discuss if having pictures with faces on them gets you more followers than pictures without faces on them. First we will discuss how to increase the chance to get a reply without the use of faces in your pictures. Secondly we will provide information on why faces are so important to humans. Thereafter we will talk about the effect of having faces in your pictures. Lastly we will give a short overviewof the whole article.

Increase the chance of a reply

 Increase the chance of a reply
A lot of the faces we see every day have an online existence. Picture sharing social networking sites such as Instagram made it possible to connect with large groups of people through apicture, maybeeven more easily than through words only. Sharing content can in turn guarantee that users stay committed and engaged in future visits. In contrast, people have different motivations to share content on social network sites. For instance, people may share useful content to appear well-informed or simply to help someone out. Not only the content of posts is important, but also the emotional atomicity behind it can drive its usage. A lot of research attention has gone into finding what makes content in an online social networking community interesting to its users.In a few studies, researchers investigated properties that influenced the probability of a reply. They found a few things that increased the probability of a reply, such as; relating one’s connection to the group and staying on topic. New people that joined a group were less likely to get a reply than people that were already part of the group for a long time.

The importance of faces

 social engagement on your pictures with faces
People love to look at faces, even infants that are barely minutes old, turn toward faces. In neuroscience it’s generally accepted that face perception is most likely the highest developed human visual skill. People continuously monitor faces since they provide vital hints in an impressive range of settings like; identity, attraction, a person’s regional, national background and the complexity of emotions. One of the most shared types of pictures on social networking sites are the ones with faces on them. People have a tendency to find faces in unexpected scenes and photographs even where faces actually are not present. Studies found how having facial expressions and faces for a computer application affects the productivity and performance of users. In this study they compared the responses of people to an interview survey. In this survey there were three groups; group 1 only saw the questions in text, group 2 were asked the question by a face with a stern expression, and group 3 were asked the questions by a face with neutral expressions. People that were part of the groups where the questions were asked by a face, made a lot more effort to answer the questions, writing the comments and made fewer mistakes doing so.

The effect of faces in pictures

effect of faces in pictures
As expected, it was found that the amount of followers is the leading driver of engagement for both comments and likes on a picture. Obviously having a large audience increases the likelihood of a comment or a like rather than having a small audience. Additionally, it was found that the activity level is negatively associated with comments and likes. The more picturesa user post, the less likely the chance that they will receive comments and likes on pictures. Besides that, it was found that the presence of faces in pictures considerably affects its social engagement. When there was a face present in a picture, the chance of receiving comments is a bit over 30%, and the likelihood of receiving likes is almost 40%. This supports the evidence that people are attracted to faces, no matter if the faces are in real life, or in pictures offline and online. Surprisingly it was found that having more than one face on a picture does not increase the likelihood of receiving likes and comments. So having one or more faces in your pictures does not affect the number of comments and likes you get. Moreover, the age and gender of the faces in pictures does not affect the number of likes a picture gets. This was surprising because the general belief is that faces of woman and children get more likes. There was found a slightly negative effect of older adult pictures, the older the face on a picture the fewer comments the picture would receive. But the reason behind this is not clear. The explanation can be that there are much less old people on Instagram than younger people.

Short overview

To increase the chance of getting a reply you can make sure you stay on topic and relate your connection to the group. But a much better way is to have pictures with faces in them on your Instagram account. The number of faces you have in them doesn’t matter, and neither does the age or gender of the faces matter. Just ensure that your activity level is not too high. If you post too many pictures intoo short of time, you will get fewer comments, likes and maybe even lose followers.