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Which Brand Is Best For Tiles?

Tiles are one of the most important things in the home-building industry. Not only do they offer a polished look, but they also have multiple benefits to both homeowners and builders. The increasing demand for tiles has led to new product developments from various top-rated brands such as Cerbis Ceramics SA. If you’re looking for stylish options in wall tile Adelaide, Cerbis Ceramics SA should be your favorite destination. Some of the other companies that hold prime tiles include:

1. Ann Sacks

Your home will be unattractive if the tiles are stained or broken. No matter how much you’ve invested in other items, a stained tile destroys the overall look. Getting new tiles installed can make a huge difference. Ann Sacks is a company that offers tiles made from stones or mosaics for both walls and floors. You’ll get a lot of options for different types of products or materials. Ann Sacks offers various products that include:

  •       Ceramic 
  •       Glass 
  •       Mosaic 
  •       Stone 
  •       Concrete 
  •       Porcelain
  •       Terra cotta  

The company has several designers like Kelly Wearstler, Robert Kuo, Nicole Fuller, and Barbara Barry, who can help you with unique wall tiles. Therefore, it’s not easy to find most of the designs in other houses or offices. All you need to do is be sure about your choice and let the designers work for you to make the place a beautiful one with their unique creations. 

2. Florida Tile

People with wooden floors are slowly integrating tiles into their homes. However, wooden floors quickly rot when they are exposed to moisture or water. Therefore, it is advisable for people living in coastal areas to get tiles instead of wood. The Florida Tile is known for offering ceramic wall tiles and matte tiles. Matte tiles tend to bring a classy look to your homes or offices. Besides, if you’re going for the matte look, they have various options in different colors.

Black matte is one of the wall tiles that many designers use in creating wall accents in offices and restaurants. At the same time, the Dune white matte is the perfect fit for an elegant bathroom in your real estate.

It’s easy to order the tiles on the website. All you need to do is search for a tile depending on the look, size, or shape. If you’ve got a passion for saving the environment, you can go for the Florida Tile products. The company uses waste materials to create recycled tiles. The upside of using recycled tiles is that they go for a lower price than the rest. Besides, the tiles are of good quality and will serve the same purpose. 

3. Hakatai

The thought of cleaning stains on carpet floors is overwhelming. For this reason, people tend to get dull colors to hide some of the stains. If you are an individual who likes trying out popping colors, then carpet floors shouldn’t limit you to flat colors. You can get colored tiles that brighten your space. Hakatai imports and distributes glass tiles countrywide. 

The importance of designing your home or room with glass tiles is the look that never gets outdated. The result is timeless and will last for years. Therefore, you don’t have to keep on redecorating your space over time. Clients use Hakatai glass tiles in spas, business entrances, and hotels to get the classy finished look.

If you want an elegant countertop for your kitchen or bathroom area, you can order one from us. The company has a range of glass tile colors and blends. Besides, if you’re on a budget, you can shop from the clearance corner or pick some recycled tiles.

4. Susan Jablon

Once in a while, your cat or dog can pee on the floor. Eventually, your house acquires a smell. Let’s not talk about how much pets scratch the floors. After a while, your carpet or wooden floor wears out because of the regular cleaning or scratching. Therefore, it is wise for pet owners to get tiles because they are durable. Susan Jablon is famously known for its unique mosaic designs. Some of the major TV shows that deal with interior and exterior design purchase tiles from Susan Jablon include:

  •       Apartment Therapy
  •       TLC
  •       Better Homes and Gardens
  •       DIY Networks 
  •       Houzz
  •       HGTV

It’s possible to accomplish a monochromatic look in a home kitchen, commercial dining areas, and spas. Clients also get the opportunity to design their tiles. Besides, if you’re stuck, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Our designers can help you out.

You can choose some brands to decorate your space depending on the materials you need. Although, the color and patterns also affect your brand choices. Many brands offer the option of customizing your tiles as well.