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What Is a Ballroom Wedding?

Wedding days are some of the most important in every couple’s life. All your friends, family, and colleagues await that day to give their best wishes and have some fun. In the Vines of the Yarra Valley, you could find some of the most impressive ballrooms for wedding receptions in Australia. However, many people don’t know the real meaning of a ballroom wedding and its significance to the couple. 

What To Consider For A Ballroom Wedding?

Before the wedding reception, there are many things for a couple to consider. A ballroom wedding should be a fun place for you and your guests to enjoy yourselves and socialize. Therefore, it may be wise to be specific about what you are looking for in a ballroom wedding before making up your mind.

Have Ample Room For Dancing

Many ballrooms have a separate dance space with a different flooring from the dining area. It is useful to decide before the wedding if you want to have a dance floor in the same area like the dining room or separately. The latter serves your needs better, especially when treating your family and friends in separate rooms.

Customize the Lighting

Lighting should be the first question to ask a venue manager. It’s important to be able to dim the lights and give the signal for dancing. Customized lighting is very attractive and it gives a sense of uniqueness to your reception.

Make the Right Table Arrangements

A ballroom reception is too important to leave the table arrangements to chance. The action center is usually the dance floor, and sometimes the dining area is separated from the dance floor. Additionally, you may prefer round tables with easy access to the dance area and buffet. Others opt for rectangular tables on the one side and the DJ with the dance area on the other. 

The View and Timing Are Always Important

Every couple would like to live a dream wedding reception watching the seashore or the sunset from the ballroom. The time of the day is also crucial. Some couples like to have a moonlight wedding while others like to have a morning reception. Either way, your ballroom wedding should reflect your mood and the will to please your guests.

Ballroom Wedding Traditions

When planning a ballroom wedding, there is no way you will not consider some well-established traditions like the following:

  • Cake Cutting

Your ideal ballroom should have a dedicated place to cut the cake. It’s usually elevated to let all the guests have a clear view of the newlyweds. This traditional practice usually follows dancing and dining. 

  • Bouquet Toss

Bouquet toss has been the most popular activity in ballroom weddings for ages. Bachelors and bachelorettes gather around the dance area, waiting for the bride to throw the bouquet. Tradition says that whoever catches the bouquet may be the next one to get married.

As a result, your ballroom venue should be spacious enough to allow guests to gather together safely and have fun while competing with each other to catch the bouquet.

  • First Dance

DJs always insist couples have the first dance. However, some newlyweds also enter the ballroom dancing and approach the center of the dance floor to finish their dance. It’s the official start of the party, and that’s why you should always be ready for some serious fun after the first dance.

Ballrooms that can support such couples’ entrance should be spacious enough and have long corridors and elevated spaces to let the couple pass through the guests’ tables dancing.

  • Shoe Game

Large ballroom wedding receptions may also enhance the presentation of the shoe game. It’s a popular question and answer game that reveals to the guests how well the couple knows each other. The couple usually sits back-to-back, holding one of their own shoes and one that belongs to their spouse.

The DJ usually asks them a relationship question that they should answer by raising the right shoe. It’s a fun game making merry and impressing guests to raise the spirits in your ballroom wedding reception.

Most couples that have finally decided to get married prefer a ballroom wedding. Such venues are usually protected from weather changes and give a sense of luxury to the newlyweds’ special day. In addition, it’s an excellent way to treat your family and friends better while having the time of your life.