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5 Underrated Applications Of Sandpapers

Sandpapers are made of rough materials and basically, they are used in hardware shops to even out rough surfaces and provide smother detail. Moreover, people also use sandpaper in their day-to-day life to remove rust and other such anomalies from their metallic belongings. 

You can easily find sandpapers in the hardware shop close to you. However, people seem to think that sanding disks are only used by trained professionals in different sectors, which is not true. In this article, we will talk about some DIY uses of sandpapers that you will find shocking. 

Scissor sharpening

Over time, the scissors in our house get blunt, which makes it difficult to cut high-density materials. Usually, we go to the market and buy a new pair, which may not be economically viable considering the purchase frequency. 

This is where sanding disks come in. You can buy a low-grit sanding disk and rub it along the edge of the scissor’s blade. After a while, you will be surprised to see the improved efficiency of your scissors. 

Rust removal

Rust ruins everything from utility to looks. Several metallic objects that are constantly exposed to a moist environment collect rust easily and get damaged in a short span. 

You can use sanding disks to remove rust from utensils and appliances. However, if you have non-stick appliances and utensils, take care of the sandpaper or grit or your metallic surface will get damaged due to deep scratches.

Fix your slippy shoes

Fancy shoes and luxury brands do not really care about grip unless some sporting activity is to be involved with their products. Therefore, the soles of these shoes are quite flat, which makes walking difficult on smooth surfaces. 

This is where you can sneak in a great wardrobe hack. Just rub the bottom of your footwear with sandpaper to add some grip. You will be surprised to see how easy walking has become on fancy floors.

Fix your furniture

The woodwork on your furniture is susceptible to scratches, dust, and deep scars. More so if you have cats, dogs, and kids in the house.  All these discrepancies can damage the look of your furniture as well as your living room. Now, furniture is quite expensive so it is not practical to replace them at every sign of damage. 

Instead, it is more efficient to fix them yourself in case the damage is not too astronomical. Just go online and buy a bunch of sandpapers of varying grit and even out the patches and deep scratches yourself. After a thorough sanding, you can apply the polish and sand it again to provide a smooth finish. This will make your furniture good as new. 

Opening jars have never been easier

How many times do we get stuck with stubborn jar lids that just won’t open? Usually, the lids are slippery which takes away all the grip quotient. Therefore, we often use a spare cloth lying around to maintain that grip. 

However, sandpapers can be a much better option in this regard because they have a gripping ability of their own. Hence, it is always good to have a bunch of sandpapers at your disposal.