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Why is Oracle’s Cloud Software so Dreamy?

The “Cloud” is a term that means storing and accessing your programs and data on the Internet instead of the hard drive of your computer. When you hear about Oracle’s Cloud, you hear of a Cloud computing company.

Oracle offers a complete cloud application suite that enables transformation by doing away with complexity, human error, and manual management. They have also increased usability and integration capabilities by offering Oracle consulting by CSS International. With this complete package, businesses can run every aspect of their business in the Cloud.

Different Types of Cloud Computing

There are three types of cloud computing.

The Public Cloud allows the IT infrastructure to be shared by multiple people, so security is limited. The infrastructure is still located within the cloud provider which always delivers these services over the Internet, and the customer doesn’t have to maintain their own IT.

The Private Cloud is only used by one business, making it the most secure option out there for the Cloud. A private cloud can be hosted at the location of the company or the data center of the cloud provider.

The Hybrid Cloud is a combined effort of both the private and public clouds. How businesses use this type of Cloud is they will put their business-critical applications on a private cloud because they offer more security and control, then they will put their secondary applications on the provider’s Cloud.

Different Cloud Services Available

There are also three types of cloud services.

Software as a Service (SaaS) is where the cloud provider will host the customer’s applications at their location. The customer can access all their programs over the Internet. With the SaaS, the customer gets to take advantage of the subscription to a service of pay-as-you-go, and they don’t have to maintain their computing infrastructure. With SaaS, businesses can get up and running quickly.

The Platform as a Service (PaaS) gives businesses the ability to access the tools of the developers to build and manage mobile and web applications. The client doesn’t have to maintain or invest in the infrastructure.

Oracle’s PaaS does offer ready to use programming components that allow the developers building capabilities for their applications.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) allows customers to access infrastructure services on demand through the Internet. One advantage is a cloud provider will host the infrastructure components so the clients can run their workloads in the Cloud.

Examples of Common Cloud Examples

Google Drive

A pure cloud computing service. Google drive has all the storage found online, and it does work with all cloud apps. All Google apps work with the Cloud. You can also find Google Drive on iPads and Smartphones. Anymore, you can see Google drive on almost any electronic with Internet access. Google is involved with many things, many of these things can be considered cloud computing.

Apple iCloud

Apple’s cloud service is used for online storage, backup, synchronization. Think about Apple Music and all things Apple. These are the things that would be going on the Cloud.

Amazon Cloud Drive

Images and music are two of the things you will find on the Amazon Cloud drive. If you are a Prime member, your Cloud will have unlimited image storage. If you buy anything for your Kindle device, it will be stored on the Cloud. The Amazon Cloud device is storage for anything digital you buy on Amazon.

Oracle’s Cloud Software is the most secure and leaves you with the most control over your applications and programs. Oracle will maintain your infrastructure, which will give you more time to grow and expand your business. A win-win situation for everyone involved.