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Top Makeup Trends for Fall 2020

This year hasn’t been makeup friendly. A lot of people saw no need for applying makeup in quarantine, except when they had an important zoom meeting, when sometimes just a little bit of mascara was enough.
Hopefully, things are slowly going back to normal. It is time to get rid of sweatpants and look forward to using all of your makeup again.
Let’s see what the makeup trend predictions for the fall of 2020 are.

It’s all About the Eyes

Since you still have to wear a mask, the accent is on your eyes. That is where all the magic happens. This season is perfect for experimenting with makeup. There are no rules: you can mix and match colors that you think won’t go well together. Your eyeshadow can contain 3 colors or glitter. Your eyeliner doesn’t have to be black.

When it comes to eyeliner, it can be in any color. Try dark blue for exotic look or orange for a perfect fall trend.
Floating eyeliner popularized by Twiggy in the 1960s is also popular in 2020. However, while she only used it in black, yours can be of any color. It will show how fun and creative you are.
Grunge look is trending and you can achieve it with a smudged liner – it does not have to be on fleek anymore.

Also, smokey eyes are making a comeback. Again, you don’t have to use black and gray eyeshadow. Why don’t you try red smokey eyes? It will definitely look stylish!

Big Bushy Brows

Floating eyeliner is not the only thing that has made a comeback. Madonna’s eyebrows from the 1980s are something every girl wants to have now. However, it is hard to make them look bushy and natural if you have thin and sparse brows.

Drawing them with a brow pencil every morning is annoying and it never gives natural results.
That is why microblading treatment is getting even more popular in 2020. This treatment gives your brows additional hair strokes and makes them look dense and thick. Microblading also has its variations: depending on your preferences and skin type, you might want to try microshading, ombre brows or brow lamination. Luckily, microblading salons are reopening, so make an appointment and get a set of super trendy eyebrows.

Lush lashes

Long luscious lashes are an evergreen trend. Make them big with your favourite mascara. Also, if you got bored of the black one, why don’t you try a mascara in some different color. Blue or pink mascara will make you look trendy.

Highlight Your Skin

Contouring is slowly becoming old fashioned. Your face makeup should look as natural as possible. Don’t try to hide all of your spots and marks with heavy makeup. Everybody has them and it is completely natural. Instead of that, look after your skin with care. Moisturize it regularly, feed it and keep it clean. Only healthy skin looks good and even better with a hit of makeup.

Highlight your Cupid’s bow, cheekbones, and brow arches and emphasize the points of your face where the light hits. That is enough for awesome results.

Emphasize your lips

This fall, hot lipstick is totally fashionable. Whether you decide for red, pink or orange, you can’t go wrong. Make your lips attractive and kissable, show them off in your instagram pictures.

One more thing we loved in the past is trying to become popular again – lip gloss. The good news is – they make them less sticky nowadays.


Don’t be afraid to experiment with makeup – everybody is going to do that this fall. Mix and match different color and styles and emphasize your best features.

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