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5 Landscaping Ideas for a Glorious Garden

If you wish to boost your property’s appeal, one of the best ways to do so is to create a lush outdoor space. This task does not need to cost a lot of money — a few simple strategies will do the trick.

Here are five great ideas for landscaping in Mclean, VA that lawn and garden experts highly recommend for gloriously beautiful and healthy outdoors.

1. Combine different species of grass for your lawn.

If you want your lawn to look soft and plush, it’s always smart to lay down different kinds of turf. The slight differences in blade size can create the look of thickness.

Plus, there’s an excellent additional advantage to this lawn strategy. By having different varieties of grass for your outdoor space, you can reduce the likelihood of pests eating up your entire lawn. If you wish to pull off this trick successfully, ask the turf professionals about the best grass varieties to combine.

2. Plant more of a single variety of plants (or a couple of varieties).

Some property owners like to fill their landscape with a great variety of plants. There’s nothing wrong with this if there’s a big budget to work with, and professionals can come in to do all of the work. However, for DIY amateur gardeners and landscapers, a great variety presents a lot of challenges.

If you wish to increase your chances of success in creating a lavish landscape without dealing with growing pains, better opt for just one or a couple of plant varieties to grow. Cultivating these will be so much easier. Just make sure to plant them in profusion to achieve drama with foliage.

3. Make sure that the contrast between color and height achieves structure.

For a multidimensional lawn or garden, make use of color and height contrast. Combine contradicting shades, sizes, and heights of flowers, and you will be delighted at the lovely result.

This trick creates the illusion of elevation and volume. For example, you can combine orange and yellow daylilies and wine or plum-colored alliums. The color contrast is visually appealing, and in addition, the difference in the sizes and shapes offers a pleasing structure.

4. Accessorize.

Invest in outdoor furniture to clearly define space as well as to add structure. Accessories can easily make up for those plants that just refuse to grow no matter the amount of love and care you give them.

What’s more, a beautiful landscape does not only need to be about the things growing on it. You can create a lovely landscape even if there’s only a small area for plants. You could, for example, install a big fountain in your lawn. For sure, it will be a visually pleasing feature, as well as functional (fountains always attract birds).

Another thing you can do is to cover an area with sand to create a Zen garden. Accessorize it with different kinds of rocks and figurines. Doing this will not only create a unique design for your outdoor space, but it also presents opportunities for artistic expression because customizing the look of Zen gardens is just a matter of raking the sand and moving the accessories around.

5. Extend the landscape design to the house.

Create abundant continuity by extending the landscape components to the house and other structures of the property. For example, you can let climbing roses grow over the sides of the house and crawl up to decks and patios.

Another thing you can do is to grow a garden on your roof. You can install turf and grow a few plants in pots and planters. This, of course, requires careful planning and professional execution. However, if it’s a glorious outdoor space you want, this is one idea to consider seriously. Apart from getting extra useful space for entertaining and relaxation, you may even benefit from the natural insulation that a roof garden can provide.

So, there you have it — five landscaping ideas that do not only achieve beauty and improved function for your property’s outdoor space, but also provide you with other valuable benefits.

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