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Advantages and Disadvantages of Memory Foam Mattress

If you’re an enthusiast sleeper, one thing that will define the quality of your sleep is the type of mattress you sleep on. Choosing a bed that will go into your room isn’t difficult. But, selecting a mattress that will go on top of it is the most critical factor that will make the ultimate difference.

Now, most people are highly acquitted with memory foam mattresses but a few are aware of what these mattresses can really achieve. Due to this reason, this post has dug deep into the world of memory foams to discuss a few advantages and disadvantages of memory foam mattress.

What is memory foam?

But first, what exactly is memory foam? In definition, memory foam is a viscoelastic polyurethane foam that was discovered by NASA and first used in the 1960s to reinforce helmets and seats against high impact.

The reason why NASA used memory foam was due to its soft and high energy-absorbing characteristics. Not only that, memory foam can conform to your body while distributing weight evenly across the mattress.

Due to these unique properties, memory foam has bulldozed its way across various industries paving the way in the manufacture of high-standard pillows, mattresses, mattress pads, and car seating pads.

So, what are the different types of memory foam?

For newcomers in the memory foam business, it’s good to know that there are three types of memory foam available in the market. To understand them better, let’s take a tour and discuss each type briefly.

Traditional mattress

These types of mattresses have been around for nearly 3 decades. Considered as an upgrade to spring mattresses, these mattresses offer immense sleeping and orthopedic benefits such as conforming to your body to allow proper blood circulation.

One major flaw with these mattresses though is their low breathability which makes them quite unbearable to sleep on in high temperatures (especially during summer).

Open-cell memory foam

These types of mattresses were developed to resolve the low breathability issues caused by traditional memory foam. With the help of the open-cell technology, these mattresses allow even air circulation keeping your body cool when sleeping.

Gel-memory foam

Other than absorbing heat, the gel-infused in these mattresses is designed to prevent motion transfer and reduce pressure points when you’re sleeping. This mattress has orthopedic effects as it cradles your body to reduce mild and substantial aches that are caused by poor sleeping postures.

What are some benefits of memory foam mattresses?

Although sleep is subjective (varies from person to person), there are several key characteristics of memory foam mattresses that are believed to make your sleep more rejuvenating. So, without wasting any more time, let’s discuss some of these key benefits of adding a memory foam mattress as part of your bedroom arsenal.

Promotes a healthy sleep

This is one huge benefit of adding a memory foam mattress in your bedroom. Not only does it help to relax the body, but memory foam is also believed to help sleepers achieve a more rejuvenated sleep at night. Unlike spring mattresses, memory foam holds well thus reducing motion transfer. This means that sleepers will hear their partners’ movements less often thus promoting healthy sleep.


Another benefit of memory foam is its tendency to mold to your body pressure thus distributing weight evenly across other regions. Through this, your body won’t be stressed but rather will be comforted and protected making you feel like you’re sleeping on the clouds.

Gives you a hot therapy

One major benefit of memory foam mattresses is that they’re usable all year round. These mattresses usually use viscoelastic technology by using heat from your body to help maintain high temperatures when sleeping. Your body also heats the memory foam allowing it to sink and conform to your body.

During summer when temperatures are hot, memory foam mattresses can be used alongside maxicool and coolsport covers to enhance breathability and allow perfect air circulation.

Improves spinal alignment

If you suffer from arthritis, spinal injuries or joint pains, a memory foam mattress can truly make a huge difference. Unlike spring mattresses that have a soft top layer, memory foam has a stiffer material that conforms to your body shape to help relieve such pains. It helps to reduce pressure points on the bed to promote a better sleeping experience.

To enhance its orthopedic properties, some manufacturers have gone ahead to develop hybrid mattresses that have a combination of springs sandwiched between two memory foam paddings.

Anti-microbial properties

Finally, if you suffer from asthma, allergies or respiratory illnesses, a memory foam mattress is your best shot as it offers immense anti-microbial and hypoallergenic properties. Due to its dense structure, memory foam is highly resistant to dirt, mold, dust mites, and other bacteria making it the best for people who cannot sleep well due to allergic reactions.

Drawbacks of memory foam

Although there are many positive reviews and testimonials about memory foam mattresses, not all will apply to all sleepers. Below are several issues that have been criticized by most shoppers.

Sensitive to heat

The heating effect of memory foam has its good and bad side. While the good side has already been discussed, the bad side is that sleepers who sweat a lot at night will feel totally uncomfortable when they wake up only to find themselves submerged in a pool of sweat.

However, due to advancements in technology, this issue has totally been solved by the manufacture of open-cell and gel-infused memory foam mattresses that help to keep sweaty sleepers comfortable at night.


The dense form of memory foam mattresses has its bad and good side as well. While it does a great job of offering support, it’s very heavy on the contrary making it extremely difficult to move the mattress especially if you wish to turn it over.


Memory foam mattresses (especially cheap ones) tend to release a pungent chemical smell that most shoppers often refer to as a “nasty”. This is known as off-gassing and is usually caused by volatile organic compounds that are always present during the manufacture of different types of foam, plastics and adhesives.

Since these smells can be irritating and sometimes sensitive to some sleepers, it’s always advisable that you leave your mattress to air for several days before you can start to use it.


In conclusion, buying a memory foam mattress might be an excellent choice especially when you’re aware of its benefits and drawbacks. If you live in cold regions, or maybe if you’re suffering from spinal injuries or arthritis pains, this mattress might be of great benefit. However, for those living in hot regions or maybe if you sweat a lot when sleeping, then a gel infused foam will generally do the magic.

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