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The Difference Between Automatic And Manual Locks

Door locks are the basic and essential components of every home security system. Hence, it is of utmost importance that you take careful consideration in selecting the type of door lock for your property. In this article, we intend to take a detailed look at the two basic types of a door lock: automatic and manual. You could check here at any time if you wish to get adequate information on the differences between these types.

As a start, it is usually a laborious decision when choosing what type of lock to use as both of them have their advantages. Up until recent times, we relied on manual locks to secure doors, cabinets, and safes. With the advent of technology, they were gradually being replaced by automatic locks. The latter type presents more secure alternatives due to its more enchanting features.

Manual locks

These locks have been used for thousands of years. Initially, they were used for various purposes including box and cabinet locks. Eventually, more residential abodes tried them on. Till now, they still account for the most used door lock system. The major downside to these locks is that you might forget to turn them on and this will give access to opportunists. In some other instances, you might lose or misplace your keys which will give third party access to the lock subsequently.

Automatic Locks

These lock types are of various types. Some use electromagnetic plates to induce their automatism. Some others use electric currents as their action mechanism. The more common ones use keypads that require a specific code to gain entry. Recently, there are automated locks that work with smartphones. In this case, you can remotely control the lock with your phones. You can also monitor and get a log of whoever enters and leaves the property. Most of these automatic locks require stable and constant electricity. As such, you must have a very stable backup or batteries if your electricity is not constant.

It is pertinent to note that automated locks are not equivalent to more safety; rather, they are more difficult to compromise. This is because they rely on power. You must disable the power supply before a successful break-in. Also, you can easily forget the keys to a manual lock and gain forced entry. This is not the case with automatic locks as the key is in the owner’s head or accessible through their phones.

In terms of aesthetics, automated locks have the upper edge as they add a stylish look to your doors. Manual locks are not far in this regard especially with the advent of ergonomic padlocks.

Automated locks offer more convenience than their manual counterparts. You can assign digital keys to your house members if they wish to gain entry to your home while you’re far away. You can also control the lock from a far distance and give third parties access. In some scenarios, you can receive alerts on account of a break-in wherever you may be. You can also have a buzzer installed on the door, which lets you know when someone enters.

In terms of cost, manual locks are less expensive than their counterparts. However, automated locks require more expertise during installation. You can easily replace and install a manual lock, which is not the same for automated ones. In terms of longevity, it depends on the user’s maintenance culture. Both locks can be used for a long time without a need for replacement. However, when a manual lock is compromised, the cost of repair is heavier than just changing a password on the automated one.

Manual locks can be readjusted such that your property uses one key for all locks. This is in a bid to avoid the frustration that accompanies shuffling between many keys every time. You can also rekey a manual lock instead of changing it altogether in event of a compromise. This will help you save costs and resources. Automated locks on the other hand can be compromised through misplacement of key cards. This jeopardizes the entire property’s safety as it might not be detected early. Also, if you forget your passcode, or you have a forgetful member in your circle, you have to change the code constantly.

Whatever lock type you choose, you must accompany them with durable and strong doors that can’t be easily compromised. Also, getting an electric lock will add more security layers to your property. Personalize your decisions and ensure that you consult experts to help you choose the right type.