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Guide for Gamers on the Go

Portable gaming has come on in leaps and bounds in recent years, and if you want to play your favourite titles while you’re out of the house, there are vast amounts of options available.

Of course gaming on the go is not without its challenges, so this quick guide will help you enjoy interactive entertainment wherever you are without the most common pitfalls causing a problem.

Choosing your gear

The type of gaming gear you take out with you will determine the kinds of experiences you can access. For example, if you want to play casual games like Clash of Clans or slots games like those found on Casumo casino, all you need is a relatively modern smartphone, along with a set of headphones so that you don’t disturb other people.

If, on the other hand, you want a more story-driven experience, such as is afforded by full scale home console releases, then investing in a dedicated portable gaming machine, rather than a multipurpose mobile, makes sense. The Nintendo Switch is king of portable consoles at the moment, while also doubling up as a great living room gaming machine thanks to its docking solution.

With improved battery life offered by the revised version, the Switch is more appealing than ever. Add to that the fact that it now plays host to high profile games like The Witcher 3, and you have a no-compromises portable gaming solution to be proud of.
Whichever route you choose, be sure to also keep your gaming device of choice safe with a carry case and screen protector, as you never know when accidental damage might occur.

Getting connected

Connectivity is increasingly important to modern gaming, with many titles and services requiring internet access to work at all. If you want to play multiplayer titles, knowing that you will have a connection at your disposal is essential.

For smartphone users, this is generally quite straightforward, since you can either rely on a Wi-Fi hotspot when you are sitting in one place, while switching over to a 4G network connection when you are on the move can be seamless. Meanwhile with 5G rolling out internationally, even faster, more consistent coverage should soon be a reality.

Fewer dedicated gaming devices offer mobile connectivity, instead requiring Wi-Fi access to run any network-enabled features. However, offline play is also possible in the case of the aforementioned Switch, so long as the game you have on your wishlist supports this.

Local multiplayer, achieved by connecting several controllers to the same console, or even linking consoles to one another, is also an option if you do not have an easy means of accessing the internet. Once again, not all games support such setups, so do your research before diving in.

Staying safe

The physical integrity of your portable gaming gear is not the only thing you have to worry about when playing on the go; you also need to be wary of how well your personal information is being protected.

If you are gaming on a public Wi-Fi hotspot, you will be at the greatest risk of encountering malicious third parties. It is widely recommended to avoid using any services which might leave sensitive data exposed, such as online banking, when using a hotspot in a cafe, restaurant, travel interchange or other public place. Gaming carries fewer risks, but it is still best to only connect to and play on Wi-Fi networks that you know and trust.

It is also vital to avoid giving away any personal information to other players when you are on the move, or at home. Hackers can use social engineering techniques to steal private details and identities, so keep your eyes open and only chat openly to people you actually know from outside of the digital ecosystem.

If you are in any doubt about which gear to buy, which connections to use and how to stay secure, get professional advice from respected review sites, or ask friends and family who have experience in this area to help get you started.