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Know These Basic Do’s and Don’t of Tanning Yourself

Ge summers are back and so as the sun. In this hot season, you’ll probably want to have those tanned bronze legs. But getting out in sun has its side effects. Not to mention, direct sunbathing can also be a cause of skin cancer. So it’s better to avoid direct sun exposure for too long and used healthy tanning products instead. Faking your tan is better than having skin related diseases because of direct exposure to the sun.

Below are mentioned some dos and don’t of tanning yourself.

Do apply before sleeping

A healthy 8-hour rest is no doubt essential. You won’t be surprised to know that a healthy tanning process also requires 8 hours.

So the case is solved, after applying for 8 hours without any distractions such as rain, showering and dust will do the job. For better results, apply the tanning products at night before sleep.

Don’t let your body sweat

It’s advised that you avoid extra exercise and give your body as much rest as possible. If you somehow sweat all the fresh faux tan will wash away and you’ll have to apply all over. That’s the reason you should try to sit in the air conditioner as much as you can when applied.

Do have a friend by your side

You can look for Luna bronze best tanning products and have an effective tan experience with your friend by your side.

We’re sure we all got one or two friends, in front of whom we won’t hesitate to take off our clothes. Having a friend by your side is essential as they can help you apply the tanning products to places on your body where your hands can’t reach. They will let you know if you miss any spots. This way chances of effective body tanning increase.

Don’t apply it again

If you’ve already tanned your body once, there’s no use in the second coat of tan. Only apply it once, the second coat won’t result in the darkening of your skin. Your skin. Will get bronzer instead, that won’t have any effect as it will be washed off any time you rinse yourself.

Do wear loose and dark cloths

Tanning products leave stains on the clothes more often. So it is suggested that you wear dark-colored clothes. Also, wearing loose and old clothes should be preferable. This way the cloths will have less contact with your fresh faux tanned body and there will be fewer chances of having an uneven tan.

Don’t apply it with naked hands

You would surely enjoy using your palms to perfectly tan your body. In the process, your palms will also get tan. Always wear gloves on your hands before applying tanning products to your body. After you are done with the body use tissue paper or sponge to tan the back of your hands. If you still want to use your palms without any distraction do as you wish but don’t forget to wash your hands properly.