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Clean Your Vacuum Filter

How to Clean Your Vacuum Filter Properly

Cleaning the filters is one of the most vital things when it comes to the maintenance of the vacuum cleaners. Usually, every vacuum cleaner has filters, but the bagless vacuum cleaners, filters require more cleaning as there is no bag and all the dust particles get stuck in the filters. If the filters of the vacuum cleaner are not clean, vacuum cleaners motor would have to work twice as hard for the suction purpose which can result in permanent damage. The performance of vacuum cleaner is also affected by the cleanliness of the filter.

Here are some proper ways to clean the filter more efficiently and effectively.

Check the user manual

It is recommended to clean the filters after 2 or 3 uses. Otherwise, the dirt particles will start sticking to the walls of the inside machinery and motor will be soon all worn out. The replacement of the electrical motor is quite expensive and will cost you are fortunate and it doesn’t even have any warranty. Instead of going through such pain later after, just clean the filters now and save yourself some money. First of all, when you are looking to clean the filters, check the user manual. They must have given you a complete guideline about properly cleaning the filter. Every company uses different technology thus their interior is different too, and the filters will be removed in a different way.

Clean filter outdoor

One thing that doesn’t cross out mind is that when we are going to clean the filters, the durst is going to spread all around. This is why you should always choose a place which is fully ventilated and has a dumpster nearby. It is recommended to clean it in the garden or your street. Now remove the filter carefully and slightly beat it across the sides of the dumpster. Most of the clogged dust particles will fall off. Now clean the filter using some brush. If you want to wash the filter, you are probably allowed to do so as most of the vacuum cleaners are made from plastic and foam. Remember to check the user manual before washing the filter. Excessive use of water might be prohibited.

Changing the filters

Like anything, filters have lifespans too. No matter how much you wash them and try to keep them new. A day will come when they will be of no use. Then you can have to replace them. Buy the filters of the same company. The vacuum cleaner is made up of.

Steps to remember

If you are choosing to wash the vacuum filters. Then resin them properly and let them dry for several hours before they are completely dry. Never use a wet filter, otherwise, it might result in short circuit.

Repeat the same process for cordless vacuum cleaners as well. They have the same internal mechanism as any other vacuum cleaner they are just based on artificial intelligence. Just check Cordless Vacuum Reviews before you buy it.