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5 Considerations to Make Before Installing Solar Panels

Have you noticed how strange the weather has been lately? Make no mistake about it; extreme weather phenomena aren’t a coincidence. Experts attribute the increase in extreme weather events to global warming.

Each day, it’s becoming more important to curb global warming. That’s one reason why more global citizens are installing solar panels in 2021. Are you considering making the switch to clean and renewable energy?

If so, then there are a few things you need to consider first. Read on to learn five factors you need to think about before going solar.

1. The Initial Cost

First thing’s first. If you’re considering investing in solar panels, then you’ve got to factor in the cost. In the beginning, solar panels are a hefty investment. We’re talking thousands of dollars to get started.

If you can’t bear the initial costs of going solar, then it’s not a good idea to pursue it. Otherwise, you could find yourself in a debt hole.

2. The Long-Term Savings

The initial costs of solar panels frighten many people away from going solar. When considering the costs, you’ve got to also factor in the long-term savings, too.

On average, it takes about 7-20 years for solar panels to pay for themselves. If you get past that hump, then you’ll start to see some very attractive returns.

On average, people save about $20,000 by going solar. How? Not only will you save money on your electric bill, but you’ll add a lot of value to your home, too.

3. Maintenance Expenses

Think the initial costs of solar panels were all you’d have to worry about? Think again. Like any other type of equipment, your panels will need regular maintenance. You may even have to pay for repairs if a panel breaks.

When considering these expenses, you might want to opt for insuring your panels. Insurance can help you offset any future repair costs.

4. Expectations Versus Reality

You may expect solar panels to be flawless, but you need to be realistic about your expectations. You need to consider the area you live in and the amount of sunlight your building gets on average.

Have a solar inspector analyze your property before you invest!

5. The Common Good

Finally, it’s important to consider the common good. Going solar is an investment in the future. You can help your children and grandchildren avoid a climate catastrophe.

After considering the above factors, you’ll be ready to make an informed decision. When you’re ready to go, do a quick online search for solar companies near me, and get started!

Ready to Start Installing Solar Panels?

Installing solar panels on your home or business takes more than good intentions. You’ll have to consider the factors above to ensure you’re making the right choice. After all, solar panels are a major investment.

Are you prepared to invest in your family’s future?

We’ve all had a rough go in 2020. If you’re ready to make a change in 2021, then we’ve got your back. Keep browsing through our blog for more of our best tips to help you and your family thrive.