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Best Remote Work Tools to Manage Work from Home

Nowadays, there is so much hype around the remote work tools to make work from home easy for the employees and stay connected with the distributed teams. As remote work means that you won’t pass team in the hallway or can’t drop by your co-worker’s desk for discussing a project, remote work tools are quite important remote work tools. But why not just phone or email? Well, calls or emails can get clunky, especially when you are having a conversation with multiple team members. Just a few mistaken replies and the whole thread becomes a mess.

Thus, the apps or software designed specifically to stay in touch with the remote teams when you are working from home are absolutely necessary. Here is a list of five best tools you can add to your remote work strategy and boost the morale, productivity of your team-


Trello is an easy-to-use and powerful visual project management tool. On Trello, the entire work takes place on boards which are divided into Lists. These lists represent various stages of a project and consist of cards. A card contains attachments, due dates, chat boxes, and more to represent a specific task.

It is an efficient collaborative task management tool with a simple dashboard that helps you organize, assign and track your daily tasks. You can assign the tasks to your teams, share guidelines and keep a track on the progress of each individual. Also, you can check the completion date, time of the tasks assigned. It is one of the best project management tools indeed!


If you are looking for a collaborative workplace to simplify the process of developing successful campaigns and products, Xtensio is a great alternative. With this tool, everyone on your team becomes a designer. You can easily drag and drop interactive modules, including graphs, videos, GIFs, videos, etc. or change the color, style and layout as you need.

No matter where your colleagues are, you can work as a team across the departments, key stakeholders and management. Designed specifically for implementing innovative strategies, Xtensio allows you to share a live web link, present a beautiful slideshow, or download a PDF file. You can centralize the projects on all the fonts and keep everything organized with channels. Besides, you can keep track of the team’s workflow with its in-app notifications.

Troop Messenger

It is a compact remote work tool for large, medium, as well as small enterprises. This easy-to-use tool offers great functionality and addresses several domain specificities. You can interact with your team members via audio, video calling, instant calling, file sharing, and creating unlimited groups on the go.

Further, Troop Messenger also allows the admins to add suppliers, freelancers, and vendors as orange members so that they get restricted access to the workplace. You can integrate this platform with Google Drive and DropBox so that your team can migrate their docs, files, and do a lot more than just texting.


It is a great noise cancelling tool that helps the professionals and remote teams to become more productive. Krisp removes all the background noise on both ends of the call, allowing you and your call participants to communicate effectively from wherever you are. You can collaborate it with any of the communication app, including Skype, Zoom or Slack and enjoy productive remote meetings.


Asana is another useful project management tool. Though it isn’t as simple to use as Trello, it boasts so many features that the remote workers will appreciate. There is a Boards view, Lists view, Timeline view and a Calendar view that provide the users with multiple ways to view the projects.

One of the best features of this platform is its project templates. The tool has created standard workflows for design, HR, IT, marketing and other departments. Just input the information for the projects and follow the process you have already determined. If you are new to project management, you are going to fall in love with this feature of Asana.

These remote work tools will ensure a smooth workflow when you and your colleagues are working from home. While preserving your freedom to work from home, they allow you to experience the human connection of office work. Choose a remote work tool that fits your work best and boost your team’s morale.