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Private Math Tutors Help Your Young Child Excel Academically

Many younger children don’t take to math as readily as they take to reading, writing, and other creative endeavors. Math can pose challenges to even the most academically inclined child, and where overworked teachers can’t step in the help, online private tutors have stepped up to fill the gap

As a kid, I started falling behind in math around the fifth grade. At the time, I only had my parents to rely on for help, and while they did their best, their ability to help me diminished as I progressed through the grades. In-person tutors were few and far between–they were expensive, required commuting which didn’t fit easily into my parent’s schedule or mine, and it was a gamble as to whether a tutor’s teaching style was compatible with my learning needs. Enticing a reluctant kid to practice math with any enthusiasm is no small task!

How Do I Know if My Child Needs a Math Tutor?

It’s crucial to address children’s learning challenges as they arise, so that the gap between their ability and their peers remains manageable, and doesn’t impede their ability to move through the grades. While it’s never fun to watch your child struggle, private online tutoring can rekindle your child’s love of learning, and banish the anxiety they may have around math practice. Luckily, students today have access to resources such as Eurekly, platforms that host hundreds of tutors specializing in dozens of different subjects, with options for a range of budgets and availability. 

What Should I Look For in a Math Tutor?

When assessing potential math tutors for your child, it’s important to consider a tutor’s teaching background: teaching children requires different approaches and skill sets than are used when teaching older kids and adults. The best math tutor for your child will not only be knowledgeable about the subject itself but will have prior experience teaching children in your child’s current age range. Experienced children’s tutors often make use of simple games to engage younger kids in their own learning process, and make math practice fun and approachable. 

A good math tutor will not only be knowledgeable, but attentive, patient, and inquisitive. Teachers have one of the most important jobs in the world, and conveying information effectively is only a single aspect of it. Frustrated children may have trouble self-regulating, and part of being an effective tutor is being able to engage minds which may initially be at least a little resistant! Math anxiety is a real condition that affects thousands of people—not just children!—and can get in the way of academic growth. A good math tutor will be sensitive to their student’s trepidations and fears of failure, knowing when to push the student, and when to save a math problem for another day. 

What Do I Need to Know Before I Start Shopping for Tutors?

If your child is in middle or high school and their math practice involves concepts more complex than simple multiplication and division, make sure you understand what areas of math are difficult for your child. While some children may need help with the subject more broadly, some children excel in geometry, but struggle with algebra or calculus, for example. And certain tutors are algebra experts while having only a cursory knowledge of geometry, so it’s important to align a prospective tutor’s areas of expertise with your child’s needs.

Children who are lagging behind in math often benefit from structure in the tutoring process. It can be extremely useful to have consistent tutoring sessions at the same time on a predictable schedule. Ideally, your tutoring sessions will happen on the same days over a span of weeks or months—while each child’s learning needs will be different, some children will need daily help in order to succeed. 

Once upon a time, the prospect of paying for everyday tutoring lessons was inconceivable for many—however, private tutoring sessions are no longer the purview of the wealthy and privileged. Now, everyday tutoring lessons are well within reach for nearly anyone with a computer and internet access. With tutoring sessions going for as low as $10 per session, Eurekly makes tutoring affordable and accessible. Plus, some tutors offer free “trial” lessons to ensure that your child’s learning needs are compatible with what the tutor can offer in terms of teaching ability. 

Where Can I Find The Best Online Private Math Tutors?

Eurekly vets each and every one of its prospective tutors, so you know you and your child are picking from the cream of the crop. Plus, it’s easy to book a session with Eurekly; tutors’ schedules and availability are listed right beside their profile—you can book a lesson in minutes. Eurekly’s advanced search system makes it intuitive and simple to find the best tutor for your child in no time at all. Click here to start your child down the road to mathematics competence today.