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How to Renovate an Old House on a Budget

When you have been living in the same space for a while, or perhaps have an old property you do not currently reside in, you might face this question- to renovate or not to renovate? The only thing that might be keeping you from renovating and redoing your existing house interiors might be the cost of renovating. While the cost of renovating might seem daunting, there are simple and cost-effective ways that you can employ that will not burn a hole through your pocket.

To aid you in this process, here are six ways to renovate your house on a budget.


The first step to renovate your house is to declutter the existing furniture and things lying around. Collect them, clean them, and store them in storage boxes or a storage room. Once you do this, you will have a better idea of how much space you have to renovate, which will help you renovate while using space judiciously. You can also make decluttering a part of your renovated home by storing all the products in aesthetic and eye-catching storage boxes, which can serve as showpieces or countertops.

Use out-of-the-box accessories

The simplest way to renovate your house is to use unique and striking furniture or accessories in unexpected places. One such idea is to use a bench at the dining table instead of a chair. You can also hang colorful lights across your room or living room to completely transform the space. Interior decorating firms in Mumbai also recommend the use of hanging chairs in the living room to make the room look light and breezy.

Use paint to your advantage

A little bit of color can go a long way in making the space look as good as new. Some well known interior designers in Mumbai recommend choosing a single wall to paint instead of all four walls. You can also choose to repaint the entire room. If you want to go a step further, you can further beautify the space by painting designs on the wall, or you can use wallpaper to spruce up the look of your entire room.

Repurpose your old furniture

If you have any furniture lying in storage, this is the time to take it out. You can redecorate and repaint your old furniture to renovate your house as per your style. When you rummage through your furniture, you might find hidden gems that you can use to decorate your home differently. You can also switch up furniture from different parts of your house, like bringing the outdoor plants inside as table decorations.

Make one big change

Since renovating the entire house can burn a hole through your pocket, you can buy one new, statement furniture piece for your living room or bedrooms. The best interior designers in Mumbai recommend buying an eye-catching furniture piece. It could be a new rug, wall art, or even a chandelier that draws eyeballs. It will transform the space without costing too much money.

Make a memories wall

A simple way to bring light to any room is to personalize it. You can create a picture or memory wall which will surely draw attention to it. It can be done in multiple ways, like hanging a single collage of photos on the wall or using mini-frames to decorate the wall. Have fun while choosing the pictures and include all family members in the process to make the most out of the space. 

By following these simple steps, you can renovate your house interiors without spending too much money. Have a fun time while renovating, and let your creativity guide you in the process.