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Voluntourism: Ultimate Travel Experience

Ever thought you could help or save someone while traveling? You would have traveled the world or would like to do that. But the happiness and memories you will get after the volunteer travel is something that you can never forget. Some of you will be like – what is it, what are its benefits and how will we make memories out of it.

You might have or haven’t heard the term ‘International volunteering.’ It is a kind of traveling where you act as a volunteer as well. Here you contribute your time to work for organizations and help the people in need. And along with that, you also explore the place.

Volunteer traveling helps you to gain the experience of helping others while fulfilling your dream by experiencing the places you want to see. Here you can go to different places like hill station, beach, historical places etc. If you go to the beach you will different ways to help others as well as you can experience beauty of beaches of and ocean. There you can also go for whale watching, and Los Angeles is the nice place for this. you can go to the whale watching Los Angeles for memorable traveling experience.

So here in this article, you will get to know what international volunteering is and how you can do it. Along with that, we will tell you how you can do travel as well as help those in need. Be it educating children or preserving endangered animals.

What is Voluntourism (International Volunteering)?

Voluntourism, a word derived by combining two aspects (or you can say words) together, Volunteer and Tourism. Voluntourism is an art of being amiable to yourself and other living beings as well.


Voluntourism means to travel nationally or internationally but with the purpose of ‘doing good.’ When a tourist spares sometime during his trip for a good cause, it is known as voluntourism. And the person who does this is known as a voluntourist.

What are its benefits?

Now you the meaning of voluntourism. What do you think? Is it beneficial? You might be feeling, is it or it isn’t. Keep one thing in mind; you don’t have to compromise with your travel. You just have to spare some time to spend with people who can truly benefit from your help.

What are the benefits of voluntouring?

Here the benefit is for everyone (including you!). The happiness and sense of relief you get after helping is something that you can’t deny.

Take heed!

  • You can meet thousands of new people and different cultures and learn about the same.
  • You can contribute towards the preservation or conservation of endangered animals and birds.
  • Voluntouring can alleviate poverty. You can use your skills and offer services for the good cause.
  • You can improve your emotional intelligence as well.
  • It will boost your career. For instance, if you are a doctor and you have served the people out of your country or tribal people, it will show that you can treat new people (whose tradition and way of living is different) as well.

It isn’t the one-way benefit. While you gain such experience, you are also providing them with services that will benefit them in the future.

But before you go for volunteering, make sure the firm you are working with is genuine. If it isn’t, then your service or skill may get used for their own benefit. And the purpose will not be fulfilled.

How can you do Voluntouring?

After reading the above information, you might be thinking, “Okay, I am willing to do, but where to start from?”

Step1: Pre-plan the Trip

You will have to pre-plan the trip as you do for the normal touring. Plan out the whole trip, with places to visit and projects to do. Many firms have made programs for voluntourism available for voluntourists like you.

Step2: Pick projects that reflect your skill or service

While picking the project, check the reliability and genuinity of the project, the project that can utilize your skills at the best. Check the project you have taken isn’t ill-conceived. Those types of projects will utilize your time and money for unneeded and questionably events.

Step3: Develop the service culture in yourself

When you go for volunteering, instill the service culture in you. The service culture will help you in thinking positive even if something is compromised. When out in the market for shopping purchases from the local stores and vendors. This way, you will contribute to the local economy as well.

Voluntourism Programs

Following are the types of voluntours that you may find on the list or the program:

1. Educating Children While Exploring the Place

Almost every country has a city or slum area where the assistance is necessary. If you are a higher secondary student, you may provide your learnings to the children and educate them.

2. Conserving the Endangered Animals and Surrounding Communities

Our majestic animals are losing their existence and it is all mainly because of the reduction of land by humans that once belonged to these animals. Take the African lion as an example, their numbers have declined by a staggering 90%, leaving only about 20,000 roaming in the wild today. As an endangered species you can take a trip to Africa and contribute to the conservation of lions & their habitat in the majestic continent. You can expand this experience by helping surrounding communities (the people), and better educate them on how us humans are a main contributor to their endangerment.

3. Help Disabled People as You Stay There!

There are many NGOs who are offering you the opportunity to volunteer on the premise to help disabled people of all ages in their day to day work. Employ a few days in the city with those people and get to know how they spend their day.

4. Renovate the Old School and Places During Your Visit

Show your artistic side by acting as a helping hand in renovating the old school of the area. You will remember the trip for your whole life. Clean and decorate the school so that children can study in a perfect atmosphere.

5. Volunteer Women Empowerment Events in the City

There are many countries where women’s empowerment is still low, and women had to face rejection due to it. Awareness programs are arranged for the same, participate in them and help them improve the situation.

Do the Voluntouring, help needed and make people happy. And ultimately, you will also feel gleeful.

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