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Five Ways Your Mattress is Damaging Your Health

We live in an era of superfoods, healthy eating, gym buffs and fitness models. Paradoxically, we also live in an era of fast food joints, obesity epidemics, processed foods and health hazards. In an attempt to remain healthy in an increasingly unhealthy environment, people are going that extra mile to ensure what they put in to their mouths is actually good for them. However, sometimes it pays off to look at the little things that can make a big difference. Today, we are going to explore how a mattress can affect your physical and mental health.

Many fitness gurus including elite athletes talk about the importance of sleep in their healthy lifestyle. The increasing emphasis on sleep also brings into question the various hindrances to good sleep. While stress is a main factor of sleepless nights, there are various physical and environmental elements that can hamper sleep. One of the main factors is the mattress.

Here are five ways in which your mattress could be negatively affecting your health:
Increased allergies
1.Increased allergies: Sometimes your bed isn’t just a place for you to sleep. It is a warm, nurturing home for dust mites and bed bugs. These tiny creatures thrive in old mattresses, feed on the dead cells from your body sheds and procreate rapidly. Increased contact with these creatures can, in turn, lead to allergic reactions, respiratory conditions and skin problems. It can also lead to a stuffy nose, disrupted sleep, snoring, breathing difficulties, fatigue and so on. Continued exposure to these tiny creatures and the sleep deprivation associated with it can lead to depression, loss of productivity and impaired memory. The first thing to do in this situation is to get rid of the mattress housing these creatures. Innovative advancements in mattress manufacturing combats this by special coatings and covers that provide an inhospitable environment for mites.
 Back Pain
2.Back Pain: Mattresses that does not provide optimal support to your body can lead to back aches and spinal problems. Mattresses that are too firm can cause back ache by pushing against the pressure points in your body while you sleep. It can cause you to wake up constantly to shift around seeking a comfortable position. Mattresses that are too soft can cause your body to sink in leading you to sleep all night in a bad posture. Coil spring mattresses can have more bounce but less support. The ideal choice of a mattress would be one that is tried and tested, aligns itself to your body shape and provides ample support.
Weight gain and obesity
3.Weight gain and obesity: Most people do not realise that sleep is closely interlinked to the mind and body. Those suffering from sleep deprivation and insomnia tend to be moody, irritable and depressed. Loss of sleep leads to binge eating and a lack of motivation. It makes people too tired in the day to invest time in exercise. This leads to weight gain and a lifestyle geared toward obesity. A good mattress fosters quality sleep and in turn, steers the way to a healthier lifestyle.
Insomnia and mental health problems
4.Insomnia and mental health problems: A bad mattress can lead to insomnia and sleep deprivation. This causes the mind to wear out completely, leading to various mental health conditions. Insomnia is named as a symptom and a cause for illnesses of the mind like depression, bipolar disorder, ADHD, anxiety disorders and so on. It is often quite simple to identify the symptoms of sleep deprivation like irritability, lack of productivity, forgetfulness, clumsy demeanour and so on. No matter the pressures in one’s life, the simple act of falling asleep allows the mind and body to rest, relax and recover. Sleeping over difficult issues is known to foster positive thinking and a problem-solving mindset.
Mould and Fungus
5.Mould and Fungus: Often, we tend not to check our mattress for fungus or mould. We check our walls, our cabinets, our roofs and windows but forget to check the very thing we sleep on. A mattress with mould can lead to a ton of health problems like headaches, dizziness, runny nose, coughing and congestion. Mould and fungus usually need a moist, dark place and your mattress is an ideal candidate to blossom in. People tend to sweat while they sleep, thereby creating a humid environment. Mattresses that have a cooling cover offers breathability which can help avoid these repulsive hazards.

Once you decide to throw out your old mattress and invest in a better one, there are many things you must consider. Your sleeping position, the right size for your needs, firmness, eco-friendly brands, value and warranty are just to name a few. Many manufacturers are now providing lengthy trial periods, so customers can make informed choices. Sitting on it for a few seconds in a store is not enough to evaluate its comfort. The size of your new mattress is also dependent on your requirement. Before browsing through various brands and choices, knowing your ideal mattress measurements that suits your sleeping arrangements is important.

Many brands are also providing eco-friendly options to customers who are hesitant to purchase mattresses that are doused in toxic chemicals. The eco-friendly option is made of sustainable, natural products that is beneficial to both the sleeper and the environment. While it is completely normal to want your new mattress to suit the various demands that foster well-being, it does not have to punch a hole in your bank account. Many manufacturers are providing better quality for comparatively reasonable prices to satisfy a growing demand for better mattresses. They are also including lengthy warranty periods to protect customers against manufacturing defects.

As the world moves on to healthier lifestyles, it could prove beneficial to start with the basics. Healthier options for food and plenty of exercise is only one aspect of living better. Technological advancements and innovative improvements in the field of mattress manufacturing is now providing better products to suit people and their individual needs. There is no compromise when it comes to health and it all starts with a good mattress.