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Bow Hunting Gear List – “Must-Have” Items

For bow hunters usually, the deer season has 5 phases. Skilled bowhunters know the transitioning of deer in and out throughout these phases. Thus they adapt their gear accordingly and suitable to every phase. The strength and requirement of the bowhunting gear vary from initial to last season. So opting for certain gear and packing your gear bag may not be difficult. For several hunters, Bow Hunting Camo serves as an essential item during hunting season but several other items are listed here. 

Safety Harness and First Aid

For someone who’s hunting while standing on a tree stand, a safety harness is essential. It provides you extra support while you wait and focus on the expected prey. Then there is a first aid kit that should always be in your backpack whenever you go in the field. It should have pain relief medicines, antibacterial cream, superglue, and some bandages. 

Scent Control

Scent plays an important role in distracting the deer since their sense of smell is extremely strong. You will be working in a hot and probably humid field where the high temperature will make you stink and sweat and getting your presence detected by the bow may not be unavoidable.  Therefore, clothing the controls your scent is necessary. The best thing would be to take such clothing with you in the field rather than wearing them beforehand. This way their effectiveness will be increased. Add a wind checker and odor eliminating spray to the list and you’re good to go. The wind checker will help you position yourself properly, and the odor eliminating spray goes a long way and hides your smell properly in the stand.   

Insect Repellant

Insects are bound to be your partner in the first warm days of the hunting. And can be equally annoying. While you can carry bug repellant sprays with you some other gear including gloves and camo mask can be effective in keeping them away. These items protect your hands and face thus reducing movement and asserting focus. 

Camouflage Gear

Some types of deer like Whitetail require your complete concealment in the field. You need to stay concealed from head to toe and for that camouflage face mask and gloves can be very handy and should be on your gear list. Having an extra pair never hurts because you never know when you lose one in the field and may require another in emergencies.   

Range Finder

It is another essential item that you must carry with you. The range finder is crucial for focusing on the prey and targeting accurately. It eliminates the chances of guessing and gives confidence to the hunter. You can find a good range finder at affordable rates easily. Several hunters do not appreciate it’s important until they use one so you better get your hands on it. 

In addition to these items, your backpack must have other essentials including snacks and drinks, extra batteries, flashlight, gear and bow hanger, and a knife. Archery hunting can be extremely exciting for beginners but do not let it overwhelm your focus and confidence.