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Procedures of Attestation Services for Attesting Documents in Dubai

The UAE is a destination for many individuals looking for better job opportunities and employment prospects. Many aspirant entrepreneurs and franchise owners often start businesses looking to turn some good opportunities into something extraordinary. 

But whether it’s the case of job employment, business partnerships, or even higher studies for students, every document must be attested to prove the authenticity or genuineness of the personal records and attestation services in Dubai can help one do the same. 

Commercial documents for business, educational certificates for higher studies, and personal documents for employment are all subjected to attestation as per the UAE guidelines. It is the only way individuals can legally obtain a study or work permit for various purposes. 

It is mandatory for every person, irrespective of the type of job or country of origin. Credentials should be verified, and documents must be authenticated to prove the validity to the government and authorized bodies. Without the proper attestation on these certificates, the documents are not considered valid or eligible. 

Attesting Certificates: The Procedure

All documents such as wedding certificates, birth and marriage certificates and diplomas must be presented for attestation. Both the original and the photocopy of the documents must be submitted and signed by a consular officer who will verify the different papers and make sure every criterion is satisfied. 

The original documents, along with the passports, must be presented for verification. As these procedures can be quite tedious, attestation services in Dubai will help one breeze through this process.

Their country’s embassy must first verify any certificates related to education, profession or academics before bringing them to the UAE departments of foreign affairs for visa grants. The different requirements for different certificates are given below:

  1. Certificate of Marriage: The original certificate must be authenticated by the home department of their respective states along with a photocopy. A copy of the passport must be present with the other documents to verify the individual’s identity. 
  2. Certificate of Birth: Same as the procedures for the certificates of marriage, along with the photocopy of the parent’s passports with the pages indicating or bearing the resident visa. 
  3. Driving Licences: An original must be present verified by the concerned state’s home department with a photocopy. An affidavit must be obtained in the format according to the official guidelines and the page’s photocopy beating the applicants’ passport and the license.
  4. Other Documents: Original documents attested by the concerned state’s general authorities with the photocopies of the first five pages of the passport and the page with the person’s visa must be submitted.
  5. Certificates Issued By Organisations In The UAE: Original documents attested by the foreign affairs of UAE followed by the photocopies of the documents and passport. 
  6. Certificate of Religion: A declaration must be made in the prescribed format with the photocopy of the first five pages, including the page bearing the applicant’s passport’s current resident visa. 
  7. Power of Attorney or affidavit: Originals must be presented along with a photocopy signed and verified by a consular officer. A recent passport-sized photo of the applicant and submitting the original passport personally to the consular officer is mandatory along with a photocopy of the first five pages of the passport followed by the page’s photocopy having the applicants visa.
  8. Declaration of Sponsorship: A duly filled declaration of sponsorship in the prescribed format with the photograph of the first five pages, including the one having the current visa address of the applicant or the sponsor. A certificate of income or the sponsor’s salary followed by the photocopy of their resident visa should be presented. 

Personal Etiquette Rules To Keep In Mind While in Dubai:

  1. People are not allowed to wear transparent or low cut clothes that show off-shoulder or backs and chest. Places in Dubai and UAE are very strict regarding clothing. 
  2. UAE has strict laws regarding premarital relationships. Expats, foreign employees and even visitors have to submit marriage certificates for partners of applicants who want to work or live in Dubai or anywhere in the UAE. Premarital relationships are illegal and can concur with severe punishments from the law. 
  3. No amount of public displays of affection is acceptable. Hugging or kissing and even dancing is not allowed in public, and dancing is only allowed in licensed clubs. Taking pictures of women is not permitted unless the person has permission. 
  4. Drinking in public is to be avoided at all costs as this is against the people’s religious sentiments. Unless it is in the privacy of one’s own home, no one can drink in public. 
  5. Everyone is expected to respect Islamic traditions. Times of prayers are supposed to be observed concerning the culture and the practice of the country.

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