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Ideas of Things to Hide for the Easter Hunt

Easter is now just around the corner and this can be a lovely time of the year for spending time with the family. 2021 will be extra special, so you will want to do all that you can to make this Easter stand out and there is nothing quite like an Easter Hunt as a way to have some fun and to give the kids a few treats. So, what are a few of the best things that you can hide on an Easter Hunt to make this year extra special?

Classic: Chocolate Eggs

Of course, there is nothing wrong with the classic option which will be chocolate Easter eggs. Chocolate eggs are an important part of the easter tradition and hiding these around the garden will allow for a fun hunt for the kids as well as give them some delicious treats to enjoy once they have found them.

Sweet: Candies

If your kids prefer candy to chocolate then this can be a good alternative to hiding chocolate around the garden and/or home. There are all kinds of tasty options to consider which your kids will enjoy discovering or you could even have a combination of both chocolate and candy (Easter is a season for indulgence, after all!).

Creative: Plastic Eggs

Another good option for creative types is to get some plastic Easter eggs and you can then fill these with whatever you like. As an example, you could fill the plastic shells with clues for a quiz as part of a larger game to play over the course of the day.

Customizable: Puzzle Pieces

Hiding puzzle pieces for the hunt is another fun option to try this year as the kids will then have to put the puzzle together in order to receive a prize. This brings some added excitement as they try to work out what the puzzle is and you could even have a custom one made to make it that little bit extra special.

Chocolate Factory Inspired: Golden Ticket Hunt

You could also take inspiration from Charlie & The Chocolate Factory (a good film to watch at this time of the year) by hiding golden tickets in plastic Easter eggs which could then be exchanged for a prize.

Hopefully, this post will give you some inspiration to make this year’s Easter Hunt one to remember and to help make it a fun and memorable day that the whole family can enjoy together.