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2022’s Must-have Accessories for Men

In recent years, men’s accessorizing has grown in popularity, and these days there is a plethora of extra accessories available for men that will help them stand out and make a statement. 

From rings and scarves to wallets and hats, there are almost endless tweaks you can make to an outfit that will give you a look and style all of your own. 

Finding the right accessories

The days of men’s accessories amounting to just a tie or handkerchief are long gone, but that doesn’t mean that all men find it easy or natural to think a little more out of the box when it comes to choosing extra items to pair with their clothes. 

If that sounds like you, read our guide below for tips on how to add a little extra bling and panache to your wardrobe that will turn heads and add some much-needed style to your outfits. For extra tips, it might also be a good idea to do a little online research in male fashion blogs and magazines to find the look that sits most comfortably with your sense of style. 

Accessorizing doesn’t need to be complex – in most cases, less is more

When looking to add accessories to an outfit, it’s often all too easy to think big were. In most cases, it’s the small, subtle items that can make the most profound style statement. As with so many other areas of life, the devil is very much in the detail when it comes to completing a look, and sometimes even the smallest change can completely transform your overall look.

Going beyond sunglasses (although these will help too)

It’s fair to say most men have a pretty clear idea of what they want from a pair of sunglasses or shoes, but when it comes to other items like chains, a stylish bag, or even just a wallet, many males flounder. However, don’t despair – as the old saying goes, ‘practice makes perfect,’ and the more you start thinking in terms of accessorizing, the better you’ll get. 

That said, we all need a break sometimes and a helping hand down the right path, so, without further ado, below are a few of 2022’s must-have accessory items you should look to add to your wardrobe. 

Make a statement with your keyring

Functional doesn’t just have to be practical, and even the smallest and seemingly most insignificant items can add a certain something to your look. While a keyring might not be the most obvious style accessory, just think how many times you pull them out of your pocket every day – to open doors, start the car, access your office building, etc. 

Go for a head-turning (yet eminently practical and small-form) style like a carabiner keyring or, if you prefer something a little more refined, try looking for a model with leather or metal tags that will add a little more bulk and make your keys easier to find. 

Get stylish with your business and credit cards

In the digital age, many people would argue the traditional concept of paper notes and metal coins is rather antiquated, and, as more and more of us move to credit cards and contactless mobile phone payment systems, there’s a convincing argument to support this view. 

Moreover, it’s well known there isn’t enough physical money in the world to substantiate the wealth (or debt) of global economies, so why not ditch that cumbersome wallet from the dark ages and instead move to a far more sleek and svelte card sleeve for your credit cards? 

Most modern sleeves still have the option to fold notes into a separate pocket if you find yourself accidentally straying back into the distant past of paper money – but still take up much less space and look considerably more stylish than a bulky wallet. Teamed with your latest Android or Apple device, you’ll be all set to go when it next comes to making payments on a night out. 

If you are dealing with money, at least get a slimline billfold or money clip

Ok, there are still some times when you may need to deal with paper money – for example, taking a taxi in less cosmopolitan cities or shopping in smaller local shops – so it’s probably a good idea to carry at least some paper around with you at times. However, that doesn’t mean you should revert to the clumsy wallet styles of old. Instead, think about buying a stylish money clip that will fold your bills neatly, or if you’re still stuck on the idea of more wallet-type money-holders, buy a slimline billfold style. Both will considerably reduce the bulk in your pockets while performing a functional purpose. 

Invest in a ring or band

Speak to some men about the idea of wearing a ring, and you’ll likely hear the standard reply of a wedding ring being all they’ll comfortably wear. However, men’s jewelry and, in particular, rings come in a huge variety of styles these days that break the mold of just traditional gold or silver materials

If you’re looking for something a little more rugged why not try rings made of other more robust metals like these tungsten rings from that have the added bonus of coming in a variety of colors and styles. 

Get brave with a bracelet

Much like the point above about rings, many men shy away from the idea of wearing a bracelet, thinking it’s a step too far into the dark side of jewelry. However, similar to rings, modern male bracelets have cut loose from the old-style designs that were mostly just silver and gold and started to utilize much more interesting materials like rare metals, leather, etc. 

With the traditional watch now made a largely redundant accessory by all-encompassing smartphones (well, unless you’re talking about smartwatches – more on that later), many men these days wear nothing on their wrists. If you choose your material and form wisely, a bracelet or band can add flair and style to your overall look – and in an age of mostly bare wrists, it could certainly turn heads. 

Buy a smartwatch

Leading on nicely from the point above – and most definitely an area where most men are very comfortable – the modern smartwatch has come a long, long way from the wind-up, mechanical models of old. Indeed, today’s smartwatches can be used for calling, messaging, controlling music players, and even monitoring your health. 

Next-gen smartwatches are the perfect blend of style, tech, and functionality with almost limitless options when it comes to design, features, and form. Plus, with that all-important wristband to keep it safely attached to you, finding the perfect look for your personality should be easy. There is now a huge range of different wristband styles available in an equally large range of materials. 

Smartwatches can vary massively in price depending on how tech you want them to be and the features you want them to perform – although even many lower-end models have been designed with fashion and style in mind. 

For guaranteed reliability and durability, stick with the industry leaders like Samsung and Apple or if you want to find something a little more unique, try shopping online for rarer styles. Smartwatches are one of the fastest-growing sectors in the whole tech industry – meaning you’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to finding a model that suits your taste. 

Take it to the top with a stylish hat

For many, a hat is the ultimate standout accessory – a chance to completely change the entire look and feel of an outfit and also, in many cases, lend definition to your face. From baseball caps to beanies and cowboy styles, the choices are almost limitless when it comes to finding the perfect head accessory – and nothing shouts your style message louder.

Add a little flair with a styled belt

Unlike women’s clothing, men don’t have that many options when it comes to clothing accessories, but a belt is one area where you can push the boat out. Sure, you could just think practically and consider a belt only as a way to hold up your trousers – but getting a little more creative and choosing an interesting style could add a useful splash of color and a focal point to your clothes while remaining functional. 

Start from the ground up with some fashionable socks

Ok, given they’re hidden the majority of the time, socks might not seem the most obvious place to be trying to make a fashion statement – but just think how many times your trouser leg hikes up when you sit down, and you’ll soon discover these ‘hidden’ items are on show much more than you might realize. 

If you want to keep things simple, just stick with block colors – but at least make them stand out and contrast with the rest of your outfit. At the other end of the scale, colorful patterned or striped socks will get you noticed and lend that extra something to your overall look.