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Stormwater Runoff, Why Should We Care?

While we enjoy the pitter-patter of raindrops from the comfort of our homes, this nature’s gift that falls from the sky does not necessarily have a soppy effect on the earth sometimes. Severe rainfall in Australia is common. There are months where we can get smashed by days of wild thunderstorms that are both life-threatening and damaging. And the fact that the weather these days is becoming more unpredictable, and can get intense, no one is safe of its impact – this is where the importance of a managed stormwater runoff comes into play.

Stormwater runoff triggers damaging floods and has a knack on scouring rubbish, debris, leaves, oil, and other chemicals and microorganisms that end up contaminating the waterways. While the effect of these runoffs can get out of hand, we can make all efforts to reduce its repercussions on the environment by preventing these pollutants from being transported into local waterways at the source – that is your homes. Establishing a good stormwater runoff management system at your property is an excellent starting point.  

As the responsibility often falls to the property owners, we have listed some ways below that can help you contribute to cutting down the impact of these runoff on the environment.

  1. To avoid issues from the effect of heavy downpours, stay on top of preventative maintenance. Schedule to clean your roof, gutters, tanks, downspout pipes and drain pipes from debris and buildups. Stormwater pipe relining companies have a specialized tool to clean stormwater drain pipes.  
  2. Your storm drains are intended to transport stormwater runoff away from your homes. Dumping just about anything in your stormwater drains can pollute the runoffs; this polluted runoff then gushes to nearby drains and gutters and into the lakes, bays, and rivers, creating more problems that impacts many. Avoid littering and dump your rubbish where it belongs.
  3. Wash your car in commercial car wash stations that have proper oil disposal in place rather than in the streets or your home. Make it a habit to recycle used oil, engine coolant and other fluids. Get vehicle leaks, and emissions checked and fixed right away. Manage to buy a low emission vehicle.
  4. Limit the use of fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides. If you use these chemicals, follow the instructions and use them in moderation. Don’t fertilize when a rainstorm is coming, and if you can, consider using organic fertilizers instead of those that contain chemicals.
  5. Your pet’s poop can also add up to pollution when it makes its way to the drains, so make it a habit to scoop up your furry pal’s poop and dispose of it properly.
  6. Make a smart choice in replacing drain covers regularly that is efficient and effective in filtering out debris, leaves, dust, etc.
  7. Recycle stormwater where high-quality water is not required, such as watering your gardens.
  8. Grow vegetation on the bare spots in your yard. Vegetations help absorb the runoff, therefore, reduces flood threats to your property. Direct your downspouts to these vegetated areas, and not to the storm drain on your street.
  9. Keep your drain pipes in the best shape possible all the time. Contact your trusted plumbing company right away if you notice signs of blockages in your downpipe. Blockages during storms can restrict the flow of the rainwater and will cause your pipe to collapse. Stormwater pipe relining Sydney companies can locate and repair blockages.
  10. If you heed your stormwater pipe is leaking, report the issue right away and get a stormwater pipe relining Sydney expert to perform an immediate repair before an intense and damaging downpour strikes again. Relining stormwater pipes seals leaks and cracks to make your drain pipes work in full-capacity again, and to have better control over the stormwater runoffs.

How Stormwater Pipe Relining works?

Stormwater Pipe Relining is a good idea to deal with blocked, broken or leaking stormwater pipes that are in such a complex location as under buildings or hard to excavate areas. This can be done in both underground pipes and downpipes. It is convenient and has a lot quicker turnaround time compared to the traditional pipe replacement method because excavation, in most cases, is not necessary; This makes pipe relining cost even cheaper. In essence, relining experts inspect the drains using a tiny camera to locate defects on the pipe. Once these are identified, they remove any blockages using a specialized tool and seal broken and cracked sections of the stormwater pipes by applying a coating inside. The result is a more improved pipe, robust enough to stand many stormwater events.

Telltale signs that you would need Sydney relining solutions

  • Stormwater is draining slower than usual or presence of stagnant water in and around your stormwater pipes
  • Standing water around your property, i.e. your lawn, basement, driveway
  • Strange gurgling noise originating from your stormwater drain
  • Air bubbles sitting on the ground after rainfall
  • Presence of tree roots where your stormwater pipe runs
  • Sagging and overflowing roof gutters

What is the impact of unmanaged stormwater pipes in your homes? 

  • Uncontrolled flooding around your property during a downpour
  • Loss of property or costly repair works
  • Soil erosion or wearing away of soil layers in your yard or garden
  • Increased dampness and waterlogged areas that attracts many disease-transmitting pests
  • Pooling surface water that accelerates the deterioration of pavement and structural materials
  • Roof leaks due to Ponding or unwanted pooling water typically on flat roofings

Emergency services are flooded with calls during a storm and heavy rainfall events. By responding to our responsibility in managing stormwaters from our homes, we help ensure that the runoff that reaches the waterways are quality water and flood-threats are greatly minimized. To conclude, we are the solution to water pollution. So, it’s unwise to simply brush such stormwater runoff matters aside until big problems arise.