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Factors to Consider When Hiring a Luxury Car for Your Vacation

Are you planning a special holiday-like an anniversary celebration or your honeymoon? Well, make the trip more memorable by renting a luxury car.

Renting a luxury car isn’t always that easy. The cost is high, and there are some considerations to make. But don’t worry, we’re here to help.

The following are some tips to rent a Ferrari in Dubai at Renty. Be sure to follow them for quality services.

  • Choose a Licensed Rental Service

Different rental services are available in Dubai. Some will have the licenses while others won’t.
Interestingly, the ones without these documents will charge lower rates for their cars. Don’t fall into their trap.

Chances are, these companies have unregistered vehicles or a crew that doesn’t know how to operate them. In the end, they’ll be risking your life and that of your family or vacation members.

Plus, you risk getting into trouble with authorities when driving a vehicle without the requisite credentials. Even if the authorities exonerate you at a later date, you’ll have wasted quality time or
messed up your entire plan.

Authenticate these details before you hire a car.

  • Check the Insurance

Almost all rental cars have an insurance policy. But luxury cars like Ferrari should have a different type of insurance. But why?

These high-value cars are expensive to restore in case of damage. It will also be a nightmare if you lose the vehicle under your watch. That’s why you should inquire on the type of insurance that the
Ferrari has.

Choose the vehicles that are insured against theft, accidents and minor damages.

Some rental companies that offer luxury vehicles may have policies covering more than the basics. Of course, their rates will be slightly higher. Examine your needs before determining which type of cover you consider essential.

  • Make Advance Bookings

Make a habit of booking your rental Ferrari days or week before your vacation. All this is dependent on the reasons why you need to rent it out.

If you rush at the last minute, you may not get the Ferrari you want- in terms of color, age, and other specifications. Remember, you’re paying higher to get this car. So, ensure you get value for your payments.

Besides, call in advance to confirm its availability.

  • Compare Costs

Car rental companies charge different prices for their services. So, compare what different companies are offering for their services. You may end up with a company that charges you better rates.

However, don’t compromise on quality in your quest for lower rates. Since you’re looking for a Ferrari, there are some reasons why companies may charge different prices for the same model. The most common being the age, general conditions, and whether it’s insured or not. Check this one out before settling for the lowest price.

Be sure to check online and see whether there’s a good offer for a Ferrari.


If you’re renting out a Ferrari for the holidays, do it in advance. Prices tend to be lower as demand is low. Also, about security features, the Ferrari has against theft and accidents.

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