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How to Deal With the 7 Challenges of Basement Finishing?

If you just realised that your unfinished basement, if decked up well, could give way to an office space or a recreation room and are looking for ideas for the same – you are on the right page! This article will give you a detailed outline of the challenges you will face while completing your basement and guide you in choosing a set of professionals to assist you in this job. 

Without further ado – 

What challenges will you face while finishing your basement? 

Here’s listing out the same for you – 

Challenge 1 – How to handle moisture issues? 

The initial challenge to deal with while considering a basement finishing or remodelling is – handling the moisture issues. Most basements have this problem and if not handled well – even before you consider renovation, you will have cracked walls and uncontrolled leaks.  

Therefore – when you check out professional services, this is the primary issue to discuss with them. 

Challenge 2 – What to do with the low ceilings? 

The next challenge that you will have to deal with is – the low ceilings. Well, it is nothing new that the basement was never meant for living purposes. At a maximum, it was to be used as a storage room or for providing under-the-floor plumbing activities. Therefore, when you are planning on renovating your basement, you will have to consider the height of the ceiling. 

It is best to consult professionals and see – if you have the resources (both physical and financial) to opt for a drywall ceiling or a drop ceiling. In fact, you can also see if the professionals can work it around your current ceiling height.   

Challenge 3 – How to deal with low-hanging pipes?

Low-hanging pipes in the basement area are one adversity that most experts complain of facing. Since the basic plan of the house does not outline the placement of the pipes, therefore – mostly the plumbing crew on-site installs pipes at not-so-perfect areas, which makes their removal almost impossible in the long run. 

Though it might take a bit more of your money (maybe a tad bit stretch outside your budget), but it is better to either relocate the pipes or structure out a plan around the pipes. 

Challenge 4 – What to do about the support columns? 

Support columns might be there for the structural benefit of your house – but when you intend to renovate your basement into an area that is aesthetically suitable – you will have to do away with those columns. 

In most cases when homeowners face this problem, they either go in to replace the columns with beams (if their budget can manage) or redecorate them (if low on budget).  It is best to consult the professionals before you take any step regarding the same since they might have another idea or two up their mind. 

Challenge 5 – How to deal with energy problems? 

As you have seen, the rising energy bills have been a key global concern. This is also a challenge when finishing up your basement. If your house has an HVAC system for heating or cooling, then also you will have to install a new energy system – since this HVAC does not facilitate the basement itself.

Consult the experts before installing the new system on the position and energy metrics that you choose. 

Challenge 6 – Have you checked the electrical panels? 

Do you have an electrical panel in your basement, or do you have to install one? Either of the cases are challenging, since there are high chances that their installation may interfere with the plan of the floors or the repositioning of the studded walls. 

A professional will guide you in this, thereby safeguarding the basement area in the process. 

Challenge 7 – What to do about the studded walls? 

Lastly, studded walls located in the basement are always part of the building’s structure. Unfortunately, once the building is completed, these studded walls remain as it is, with most of them supporting the load of the walls. 

Are you wondering what to do with such studded walls? It is best to leave the decision to the professional who understands the placement of these walls, and will best decide – to either remove them or remodel them as per their position. 

What are the benefits of having a finished basement? 

There are multiple benefits of having a completed basement. 

  • You have an extra space that you may use for multiple purposes – from the recreation are to the gym area to a home bar or a home-office space (for people who are associated with remote work). 
  • Pick up any statistics, you will see a finished basement automatically has an inflamed rate, providing you with an increased return on investment (up to 70%).
  • What many people may not believe is that – a completed basement is way more energy efficient than an unfinished one. The drywall and multiple insulation levels help preserve natural heat thereby reducing the energy costs. 
  • Lastly, you can always rent out a well-finished and strategically safe basement as a 1 bedroom-kitchen-bathroom space to earn some extra cash. 

How to pick the best renovation services?

When you are talking about basement finishing, you must understand that it is not a random job wherein you may hire anyone, and they will sort out the lower downs for you. You do need professionals who – 

  1. Have got ample experience in this field and have a diverse portfolio to showcase.
  2. You will also have to check if their kind of finishing is matching with your idea. Also, if it differs – can both parties come to a common ground? 
  3. They must understand the structure of your house and prepare to finish the basement in that manner. 
  4. Have credibility in the market. Do check their ratings and previous client testimonials to get a clear picture. 
  5. Lastly, they must use quality products. If you are looking to rent out or even use the basement for personal purposes – it must be curated of high-grade products (as per your budget) to ensure resistance. 

If these factors match – that is the renovation services you must opt for. 

Key takeaways 

Have you got clarity about the challenges of finishing the basement and how seeking professional services becomes crucial in this? In that case, the next thing that you must do is – make a checklist of the problems in your basement and try coordinating with professionals about the same. Also, you must decide initially about the purpose of your basement so that the professionals can decide on the finishing accordingly. With a clear layout in mind, the process becomes easier.