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8 Fun Cake Designs for A Bridal Shower

Deciding on a cake design for your bridal shower can be pretty tough. Brides are usually overwhelmed with many things to do and choices to make for the best wedding celebration. So, making an impression at the bridal shower might be a little too much.

Here are some of the best cake design ideas for your bridal shower.

Have It Hand Painted

Hand-painted cakes are the rave now; you can show your sensitive and artistic side by adding a poem or pattern that matters to you. You could also paint pretty flower designs, making your cake a work of art not just for the mouth but for the eyes too.

The key to hand painting is to have a plan in mind. It is best to tie it with the wedding colors or the flowers to be used at the wedding. After all, the bridal shower is a foretaste of the wedding itself.

Try Truffles

Truffles are a delight for chocolate lovers. There are so many ways to design them in an eye-catching way. These buttercream-filled small bites of goodness can be made even better by adding powdered sugar topping or using some greenery for a bit of color.

Another way to serve distinctive truffles is to fill them will ganache and hazelnut chocolate. This combination is a taste of heaven.

Make a Macaron Tower

An advantage that macaron has is its wide range of flavors. Another wonderful thing about this dessert is that it is delicious. These varying flavors of the macaron will satisfy the diverse taste of your guest, leaving them satisfied.

If you agree that food is art, you know that having a macaron tower is a way to get the tongues of your guest wagging. Make the tower a centerpiece at the dessert table, a cynosure of all eyes.

Macaron also adds a touch of class to the event. Imagine personalized boxes with macarons in their favorite flavor for the guests. I agree; nothing is topping that.

Get Inspiration from your bridal shower theme/dress.

Mimicking the theme of your bridal shower is an excellent source of inspiration for your cake’s design. If the theme is from a movie, you can have the cake designed around the main character or your favorite character. Decorating the cake with fashion accessories required for the event can also help; wands, frills, bows, etc.  Designing the cake to look like the bride’s dress can also work. A cake can be adorned with edible beads if the bride’s dress is heavily beaded or decorated with tulle if the tulle is prominent on the dress. 

Ice Cream Bridal Shower Cakes

 Having an ice cream cake can be both exciting and delicious. It’s creative and can spice the look of things up. There are many ways to spice the ice cream cake idea up;

  1. Each cake layer of cake can be served with a matching ice cream flavor.
  2. Decorate the cake with upside-down ice cream cones.
  3. Guests can be presented with an extra ice cream cone alongside the cake serving. 

The bride and her guests will have a 2 in 1 treat with every mouthful of this delicious goodness. The combination of ice cream and cake is on the tongue causes foodgasm for everyone that tastes it.

Tiered Cakes

Tiered cakes are associated with weddings, but there is no law against having one for your bridal shower as an indulgence. A three-tiered cake with each cake having different flavors and different frostings is a show of extravagance that shows class. 

Dove Decorations

Doves are symbols of peace, love, togetherness, and devotion. These qualities are essential for any successful marriage. Using sugar doves on your wedding shower cake is a powerful statement. 

Especially if you and your friends believe in symbolism, a pair of doves hanging over your cake is a powerful symbol. The marriage is blessed even before it has begun.

Try a Naked Bridal Shower Cake 

Having a naked bridal shower cake is a great idea if you want things different or just for its fun. Leaving the cake bare and decorating it with edible flowers and peonies is a standout way to have your bridal shower cake.

If you are a minimalist, you know less is more, and a plain cake might allow you to show how delicious the cake itself is without the distraction of frosting.


Not satisfied with these cake ideas? Well, you can get more ideas for an ideal hens night in Melbourne or quotes for an unforgettable hen night for the bride-to-be and her friends. The cake is more than just a dessert; it is one way to make a statement.

The right cake symbolizes the theme of the wedding, speaks to the bride, and tastes delicious.