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Top 5 Nifty Smart Window Shade Ideas to Keep Your Interiors On-Trend

People have become more and more tech savvy over the last 10-15 years or so. And yet no amount of advancements and innovations seem to satiate the thirst for more convenient and tech-integrated lifestyle! Devices, appliances, and vehicles have been fitted with smarter technologies to give them an edge in this tech-driven world. Today, the very homes that we live in are getting re-vamped with new appliances and smart features. Smart Homes were once a dream and are now a reality. In this post, you will read about 5 ways in which smart window shades can transform your home into a truly smart home!

Choosing Smart Window Shades Based on their Functions

Window treatments are used for several reasons, ranging from light control and privacy to saving on electricity bills and conserving energy. There are smart window shades that can fulfill every purpose. Automatic blackout blinds are one of those smart window treatment options that can completely cut out external lights and black out a room. Similarly, based on the function or necessity, you can choose from a wide range of window treatments that can provide blackout options, noise control, light control, insulation etc.

Choosing Shades Based on Home Décor

Gone are those days when window treatments came in limited types of materials and design options. Today’s window treatments are very versatile, multifunctional and highly adaptable according to the home decor and needs of the customer. Every day, multiple design options, materials, and varieties are being added to the world of window treatments based on consumer’s requirements. Whatever may be the decor of your home, you can be sure to find the best suited smart window shades that blends perfectly with your home interiors. You can choose a shade that is elegant and neutral or something that is very funky and trendy. The color palette is also quite extensive so you can choose from neutral shades or bright shades. It does not end there, these shades can be motorized and automated to transform your home into a more efficient one.

Choosing Shades Based on the Type of Window

This is another problem faced by consumers on a regular basis. Not all windows are rectangular shaped or made up of standard measurements. Every now and then, we are faced with a few specially shaped windows, such as bay windows, angular windows, half-moon shaped windows, and skylights. These special windows require window treatments that are special too. Innovations in the field of window treatments has made it possible for consumers to choose from a range of window treatments for every kind of specialty windows there is. Fixing your skylight with automated skylight shades wouldn’t have been possible a matter of 10 years back. Today there are smart window treatments that are specifically designed for special windows and difficult shapes. Skylights and windows that are hard to reach should be fitted with automated window treatments that can be operated using remote controls or voice control systems.

Choosing Shades Based on the Type of Home Automation System

Home automation systems have taken over the world of technology by storm. About a decade back, fixing the lights with a dimming option was considered the most innovative idea ever. Today, home automation enables us to perform multiple actions at the same time using simple voice commands. With a quick phrase, you can open and shut smart window treatments without even having to get out of your bed. Even with a simple hello or goodbye, we can control the lights and home alarm system from anywhere inside the house. Such is the advancement of home automation. There are a variety of home automation systems which include Apple home kit, Samsung SmartThings, etc. It is important to choose smart blinds and shades that can be integrated with the voice assistants or smart home systems that you already have at home. For example, google home smart blinds are a great option if you plan to control your shades with your Google Home (additional smart hub required).

Mix and match, DIY options

There are a range of brands and smart window shade options available in the market today. Some of the most well-known brands include Somfy Smart Blinds, Soma Smart Shades, etc. These brands and many others offer their smart window treatment solutions all over the world. You can choose from the range of brands and variety of smart window shades based on your budget.
However, it wouldn’t be fair if we hadn’t explored the option of creating a customized smart window shade on your own. You could be the kind of person that loves to get your hands dirty with technology and DIY projects. There are many people attempting these kinds of DIY projects online to build your own Z-wave blinds. It may be worth taking a look to see if it is feasible or something you are interested in.

So there are the 5 ideas of integrating your home with smart window shades that will keep your interiors looking trendy and transform your home into a tech savvy, futuristic looking smart home!