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How to Throw the Perfect Backyard Wedding

Who says you have to get married in a church or on the beach? To many, throwing a backyard wedding is sentimental, less expensive, and can still provide a perfectly magical wedding day. Planning a wedding in your backyard may mean extra work in terms of finding decorations, food, and furniture, but it is easy to turn your backyard into the space you have dreamed of since you were little. Here is everything you need to consider when throwing the perfect backyard wedding.

Is There Enough Room?

If you want to throw a backyard wedding, it needs to be big enough for all your guests. If your guest list is huge and your wedding is not, it may be worth trimming it down just a little or using someone else’s backyard if possible. Also, be prepared for the worst, in case bad weather strikes. Are you going to have shelter in your backyard? If not, is there enough space indoors if you had to move the wedding inside? These are all things to consider before the big day to ensure it goes off without a hitch.

Renting Furniture

The easiest way to plan a stylish and beautiful backyard wedding is to rent furniture. This includes tables and chairs for your guests to sit and watch you say your vows, and to eat, drink and get merry afterward. There are so many styles that you can rent, meaning you will be able to find the perfect furniture for your preferred style of wedding. POSH Couture chair rentals give you the choice of folding chairs, which are perfect for the actual ceremony, moda chairs for a comfortable seat during the meal and toasts, and barstools if you decide to have your very own backyard bar for your wedding.

Flowers and Greenery

Planning a backyard wedding requires you to think ahead of time. If you want your backyard to look perfect, including the flowers, you need to plant well ahead of time so that your flowers will bloom for your big day. If you decide on a spring wedding, you will need to start choosing your flowers and any other greenery the previous fall. Rather than having your backyard decorated with flowers on the day, having them already growing in your backyard makes your wedding look even more magical.

Other Things to Consider

If you want lots of fairy lights and other electricals around your backyard to ensure that it looks as beautiful as possible, you will need to hire a generator. Your home probably will not be able to power a whole backyard, alongside music and lights. It’s also worth considering renting out portable toilets unless you have plenty of toilets in your home and don’t mind guests coming in and out! You can now get outside bathrooms for weddings, with lighting, air-conditioning, and hot water, meaning you don’t need to limit luxury just because you are hiring an outdoor bathroom.

There are many things to consider to make your big day work, but a backyard wedding can be a beautiful and more personalized experience for you and your guests.