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A Look at the 22LR Ammo

One of the most popular bullets today is the 22LR ammo. Hundreds of thousands, if not billions of such bullet are manufactured and sold annually. And the number continues to grow each year. The long rifle ammunition is also the preferred bullet of recreational shooters and hunters. They say they use the 22LR ammo because it is moderately accurate, affordable, and its low recoil.
It is more accurate compared to the 22 short, which is why it can be used in various firearms that include rifles and handguns.

The maximum effective range of the 22LR ammo when it comes to small game is 150 yards. However, you will need to get closer when hunting larger game. Compared to the bigger variants of the 22 caliber, the 22LR bullet is less powerful. However, one should keep in mind that it is rifle ammo and can travel long distances. It is recommended for small game hinting, such as rabbits and squirrels. It is also the ideal training round because of the low recoil. Beginners often start with a 22LR weapon before trying out bigger calibers.

22LR Ammo History:

It was in 1887 when the Stevens Arms Co. introduced the 22 Long Rifle bullets. It had a 22 Long case and used 40 grain RN bullet. Except for the 22 Extra Long, the 22LR ammo shot flatter and hit harder than other 22 rimfire bullets available during that time. The 22LR bullets also has shorter casing and provide better accuracy than the 22 Extra Long.

The 22LR ammo has been used for both rifles and handguns since then. It is the preferred sporting and shooting cartridge worldwide. Shooters can get the High-Velocity version of the bullet, which was developed after the invention of smokeless powder. Because of this new development, the 22LR ammo became the best bullet for small games.

Today, the 22LR high-velocity bullet comes with a 40-grain copper plated bullet and a MV of 1225 fps. The normal 22LR target ammo comes with a 40 grain RN bullet with a MV of 1085 fps. Hunters of small games use lead hollow point ammo with a grain of 35 to 37. This type of load expands, which leads to faster kills. The best thing about ammo is that it kills the small game without damaging its meat.

These are the reasons why the 22 Long Rifle ammo is the most popular bullet on the market today. That’s why it is not a surprise to find various rimfire rifles and pistols that are compatible with the 22LR ammo. It is cheaper and more accurate compared to other ammunitions out there. While it doesn’t have the best stopping power, it is still the best choice for small game hunting.

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