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Relationship Between CBD and Cancer

Cancer is one of the most debilitating diseases to suffer from, and unfortunately, statistics show that 1 in 2 women and 1 in 3 men will develop some form of the disease in their lifetime.

Advancements in science and technology now mean that luckily, more forms of cancer than ever before can now be treated successfully. While this treatment is essential to patient recovery, it can often cause difficult and painful side effects. Recently, evidence has come forward to suggest that CBD can effectively work to manage these side effects, helping to improve quality of life for cancer patients.

What is cancer?

Cancer is one of the most common diseases in the world, and is caused by rapidly-dividing cells creating tumours and destroying body tissue. There are many different forms of cancer, some more aggressive than others. The most common types of cancer include breast cancer, prostate cancer and Leukaemia.

How is cancer treated?

Cancer is most commonly treated with chemotherapy, which targets fast-dividing cancer cells, shrinking them down and minimising their potential of spreading. The problem with chemotherapy, however, is that it works throughout the whole body, and cannot be focused on a specific area. This causes health cells to be killed unnecessarily, which is what triggers some of the side effects of treatment.

How can CBD be used to improve quality of life for cancer patients?

Recent studies have found that CBD is a successful pain relief source, making it an ideal natural treatment for people suffering from the side effects of chemotherapy or experiencing pain from their illness.

A main cause of pain in cancer patients is inflammation, which targets organs and causes nerve damage. The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD help to naturally reduce the source of the pain by working with receptors inside the endocannabinoid system to decrease inflammation around the body.

Chemotherapy patients commonly experience nausea and a loss of appetite as a side effect of their treatment. When taken at the correct dose range, CBD effectively suppresses vomiting and nausea, helping the body to regain appetite once more. When treating nausea and loss of appetite, CBD works best combined with a low dose of THC, another compound found in the cannabis or hemp plant.

Most promisingly of all, several studies have suggested that CBD may also hinder the growth of rapidly-dividing cancer cells. More research will need to be carried out into how exactly the herb works to suppress the growth of these abnormal cells, after which it is highly likely that it will be used by doctors as a treatment for the disease.

How can I take CBD for cancer?

There is no definite method of taking CBD that assures it will work best in cancer patients. It’s best to go with whichever form of CBD you are the most comfortable with. For most people, this will be CBD oils, tablets or gummies. If you enjoy the habit of vaping, you can inhale CBD using a vape pen for a more relaxing, calming experience.