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How the Pandemic is Changing Our Exercising Habits

Heraclitus once said, “The only thing constant in life is change.” And, boy was he right!

The world has changed so drastically in the past year it is hard to imagine how it once used to be. There was a time when you could go out into the parks and enjoy your morning walks, but now, we have so many safety norms to adhere to, that stepping out seems like an arduous chore. 

While gyms are slowly reopening, the pandemic is still wreaking havoc, so it is wiser to avoid the premises altogether. 

Given these strange circumstances, how do you maintain your exercise regimen? How do you stay motivated enough to stick to your workout routine? What sort of exercise plan should you follow? 

Read on to find out!

Why is Exercise Important During Covid-19?

Exercising can help a person stay both mentally and physically healthy, and is known to ease depression, anxiety, and stress levels. It is also fundamentally useful in regulating blood pressure and diabetes. 

Being cooped up at home can cause the pounds to pile up faster, so make it a point to stay active and create an exercise habit

But the single most vital reason to keep fit during this Covid-19 season is that exercise can help boost your immune system. While it cannot prevent you from contamination, it can help you withstand the attack. 

Exercise releases endorphins which are essential chemicals to revitalise your brain and body. That is why, now more than ever, you need to get out there and develop an exercise routine.

How is Your Exercise Habit Changing during the Pandemic?

While at home, you might have lost the requisite motivation to really get out there and push yourself into working out. Further, with no way to get out during the lockdown, most of us have to forego our daily morning and evening walks.

While visiting the gym at least four times a week was a norm for the fitness enthusiasts, the pandemic has stopped them from venturing out of their homes. 

Following are a few ways the pandemic has changed our exercise habits – 

  • Most of us have turned to yoga and pilates to keep healthy and agile during this period.
  • The views on YouTube workout videos have increased exponentially, with many undertaking the fitness challenges thrown out by influencers.
  • Gym enthusiasts have started using makeshift equipment at home, as substitutes for the professional machines.
  • People have started skipping, power walking and these cardio exercises to keep themselves active in due course.
  • Some are even referring to beginners’ guides to exercising at home during social distancing and starting their journey towards a fitter life.

Apart from these, if you are looking for something more during the pandemic, here’s what you can try out!

5 Day Workout Routine

There’s many a slip between the cup and the lip! 

While the mind says ‘yes’, the will is feeble. You may be eager to begin a new workout routine but are struggling to understand what will be suited to you. 

This 5-day exercise plan focuses on a particular part of your body. It does not require any gym equipment, and you can easily do it at home. 

Day 1: Upper body workout

Start with a comfortable knee push up and move on to a plank pose. Hold for thirty seconds. Then move on to the superman pose and take a one-minute break.  

After a break, start with a T push up, Reverse Snow Angel, and Bear Crawl Shoulder Tap. 


Do all these for twenty seconds and repeat for a minimum of 5 times and end your workout routine.

Day 2: Lower body workout

Begin with a calf raise and go on to a jump squat and glute bridge. Do each exercise for twenty seconds each. Rest. 

Try a lateral slide raise and finish off with burpees. Do a couple of squats and lunges. Repeat for five times before bringing your morning workout to a close. 

Day 3: Core workout

Start with a straight leg hip raise and a hip roll. 

Then change over to an overhead crunch, and Reverse Snow Angel. Rest. 

End with an alternate oblique crunch. Do every pose for twenty seconds and repeat a minimum of five times. 

Day 4: Full body and core workout

Today is a fun day as it begins with the super easy jumping jacks. 

Move on to a full-body plank. Then switch over to air bikes. Take one-minute rest. 

Get back up with burpees. Move to planks then high knees. Repeat five minutes. 

Day 5: Lower body workout

Begin with burpees, follow it up with lunges. Then try calf raises, squat to feet jack. 

Then complete the workout routine with Side Sweep Glute Kickback. You can also try planks to end the whole regimen. 

Do not let the Covid-19 season get to you. Bad times will pass. The world will get back to normal. 

So, while the situation still seems bleak, take your mind off the stress and focus your attention on those parts of your life that you can control. Exercise is one of those. 

Get in shape then and beat the Covid-19 blues!

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