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How to Choose an Animation School

The animation industry in India has a huge demand now and a growing future. As of 2021, India’s animation industry has grown massively due to the digital content, gaming, comics, and VFX produced on creative demand. 

It is expected to grow at a pace that is faster than the IT industries. A career in animation is one field where one can enjoy the work, feel creatively satisfied, and appreciate the fruit of one’s labor. 

Pursuing an animation course in Kolkata is one of the popular choices for aspiring animators in India. There are schools available that offer degree, diploma, and certificate courses to study animation, multimedia, and graphics either as a full-time or a part-time student.

There are around 350 animation studios, including big companies like Amazon, Red Chillies, Futureworks, etc., that hire approximately 16,000 animators and VFX professionals. 

Professionals in the field of multimedia developing, game developing, graphic design, character design, 3D modeling, keyframe animation, and layout art have high demand in both government and private sectors like film and television, advertising, cartoon production, digital and print news media, video gaming, theatre, e-learning, and other digital content creators.

They must get the best of the training and experience from the schools in the field of animation. Here’s a list of criteria to look for while finding the best fit for the animation school.

Top Things to Look for In Animation Schools in India

1) The Curriculum Offered by the school

As mentioned before, there are many fields that one can excel in when it comes to animation, which requires their own unique set of training. Therefore, it is essential to know the variety of training they offer in designing software and other art forms, the curriculum structure, and the provision to collaborate with peers and professionals. New generation animators need to be updated with the knowledge of working with the latest VFX and animation software and good working experience. Having a structured curriculum allows for all these aspects to be covered and gives a holistic understanding of how the production line works and prepares for it.

2) The Faculty Who Teaches in the school

The world of animation is growing fast, with the most nuanced and detailed products being displayed on the screen as every year passes. Therefore the aspiring animators must be taught by professionals who keep up with the latest software, methods of animation, and technology, including stop-motion, motion graphics, 2D and 3D animation, and traditional animation. Their experience in the industry and their current working status provide a deep insight into the training that one would be receiving in the school.

3) Infrastructure Provided For the Students

The infrastructure provided for the students enrolled in the course includes a studio, software, cameras, computers, digital equipment, green screens, etc. The animation school must offer all the essentials for the students to understand their practical workings and handle them when they perform their jobs. There is no point in theoretically learning the workings of a green screen and not using it. Schools that offer multiple visits to professional studios with hi-tech and relevant infrastructure allow the students to get exposure to the standard they need to be prepared.

4) Methodology of Teaching in the school

Animation and VFX require an innate understanding of art and software theory and sound practical experience. It makes it reasonable to want to know how the schools ensure that the students get the required guidance, feedback, and assistance to build the portfolio to ensure their success in the field.

5) Internships, Field Trips, and Placements Offered

Networking and job experience with reputed studios are some of the most crucial aspects of success in animation. It can only be obtained through guest lectures, field visits, internships in different studios, and getting placed in a reputed animation company. Many schools have tie-ups with professionals that allow their students to gain comprehensive knowledge and experience about the industry and get into the game successfully.

6) Experience of the Alumni

One of the best ways to know the workings of an animation school and its effectiveness is to contact the current students and the school’s alumni. Their knowledge, experience, placement, and recommendation will help aspiring animators get a clearer picture of their school’s potential expertise.

The best animation course in Kolkata, Delhi, or any other major city should pass all these criteria. They offer the best and relevant learning, studio visits, seminars by professionals, developing portfolios, assisted showreel development, and bootcamp training their students to obtain the best placements offered in the industry.