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What to Wear in Autumn

Yup, there’s no more pretending – or hanging out for an Indian summer – the seasons have definitely changed. 

And whilst we can’t deny we’re excited to see pumpkin lattes and pimped-up hot chocs back on the menu, most of us are less thrilled about the outfit challenges posed.  

Autumn is a style sticking point. Not quite hot, not quite cold. Neither the weather nor our wardrobes seem to know what to do. 

But panic not. Arm yourself with these AW styling tips and you’ll be nailing the seasonal change like a pro.

5 tips to style out autumn

Layer up

Can’t decide if you’re hot or cold? Freezing when you walk outside but roasting every time you enter a shop? We know the feeling. Thankfully there’s an easy solution – layers!

Lightweight jumpers, cardigans and blazers thrown over tees and dresses are perfect at this time of year. Adding an extra dimension to your look, they let you add – or take away – elements of your outfit depending on the temperature.  

Re-introduce knitwear

Snuggle season is fast approaching and it’s time to dig out the knitwear again, but before jumping straight in with chunky wool and roll necks, transition more slowly with lightweight options. 

It’s a good idea to start wearing delicate knits with a cute vest top or t-shirt underneath, that way you’ve always got the option to take it off if you’ve misjudged the chill factor.

Go long

Perhaps the simplest way to successfully style out autumn is to go long. Not sure what we mean? We’re talking about swapping sleeveless tops for long sleeves, minis for maxis and cropped denim for full-length jeans.

It might not seem like much, but that little extra can make a big difference to comfort levels. Warming you up just enough to keep the autumn chill at bay but without making you feel like your summer wardrobe is a distant memory. 

Button up

Did you make it through the summer without a coat? We all know carrying a jacket when you don’t need it on is a drag, so it can be tempting to hold off wearing one – but an autumn coat is a must. 

The trick is not to go too heavy-duty too soon. You just need a thin outer layer to add a bit more warmth and protect you from the rain. Trenches, parkas and rain macs are great for this – and aren’t too cumbersome if you end up taking it off.  

Put the tootsies away

It’s a sad moment when it’s time to pack away the flip-flops and summer sandals. But if you’re going to look the part (and not have freezing feet) October is definitely time to step back into full shoes. 

Before you go into complete hibernation mode though, the best autumnal looks will embrace transitional footwear first. Trainers have been big news all year, and they’ll really come into their own now and can be paired with practically any outfit. 

Penny loafers and brogues are perfect for office days (or when you don’t want to get your white trainers splashed in the rain). 

Looking ahead

The key to seasonal style success is to remember to plan ahead. Winter is just around the corner so don’t wait for the chill to bite, get your wardrobe primed.

Cute hats, funky knitwear, winter boots and thicker jackets will all be needed when the weather really turns. So, shop for autumn AND winter now, so you’re not left hunting for ‘out of stock’ staples.