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How to Take Care of Your Car Tinted Windows?

Tinted windows in cars are useful for blocking UV rays and heat, as well as adding more privacy to your car. It is very important to take care of your tinted windows and you don’t pay close attention you might regret it later. Yes, tinted windows add a visual upgrade to your car, but if you don’t take care properly, the window tints could end up fading, bubbling, or even breaking down. By taking proper care, you will prevent your car’s tinted windows from being damaged.

Some people are not provided with the necessary information to know how one should take care of tinted windows, so today from the car window tinting Sydney experts, we present to you a simple guide you can follow to do the job effortlessly and effectively.

Step 1. Your windows should be always rolled up

If you just got your window tints done, the adhesive that sticks the material to the actual glass of the car does not cure right away. If you roll down your brand new tinted windows without giving time for the adhesive to cure properly, then the window tints might peel off, nobody wants that right? So, let your windows cure for two to four days, which is the estimated amount of time your windows need to be ready.

Step 2. Do not touch the water pockets

After getting the window tints installed on your car, water pockets and even a little bit of haziness can start to appear, but do not panic, this is completely normal and it is something temporary, it won’t last long as the water will eventually evaporate on its own, you don’t have to touch it at all. The time the water needs to evaporate depends on the weather, if it’s sunny then it might take a shorter period of time, usually, it could take up to a month.

Step 3. Wait before cleaning your windows

As I mentioned before, window tints need a couple of days to cure, so, you should wait for about four days to let the windows cure before taking your car to the car wash, and, to clean the windows all you need is a soft paper towel or a soft cloth to do the job. If for any reason you need something heavier to clean the windows, there are some cleaning products designed especially for tinted windows, just stay away from Ammonia, it will ruin your window tints.

Step 4. Be Careful

Remember that the fact that window tints are designed to be scratch-resistant doesn’t mean they are scratch-proof, your tinted window could still be scratched easily if you are not careful enough. They protect your car, but you also need to protect them from external agents like kids, pets or even boxes or packages you might need to carry in your car, just make sure they are at a safe distance from your tinted windows, especially if they are brand new.

If you haven’t gotten window tints for your car then you should really think about it. Window tints not only add more personality and coolness to your car but also protect your eyes from the sun and add another layer of safety as it will be harder to see what’s or who’s inside the car. It’s a great investment that will make your car look better.