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5 Things to Know About Your New Multi-Cooker

Technology has surely taken over the world, and every single day we come across different products and gadgets that literally put us in a state of shock and we keep wondering that how exactly is it possible for people to invent such amazing things. Speaking of amazing things, today we are here to talk about a new product that has taken the market by storm and here by that product we are referring to none other than a multi-cooker.

For those who don’t know, a multi-cooker works as a pressure cooker and as a slow cooker too. In short, this cooking appliance has eliminated the need of other different cooking appliances and it’s more of an all in one cooker that can help you prepare your meals easily and quickly. In fact, right now there are so many different types of multi-cookers available in the market that if you search on Google for the best multi-cookers, your screen will probably be bombarded with hundreds of results. If you are looking for a rice cooker visit

So, to save you from all the confusion and to introduce this new appliance to you, today we are here with some of the important things you need to know before buying a new multi-cooker.

1-A test run would be great

Before using a multi-cooker especially for pressure cooking, make sure to first do a little test run. Now for a test run what you need to do is to add some water before actually putting the food inside. As it’s a new appliance in your kitchen, first test all the settings on the water and make sure that everything is working properly and that all the parts are fitting together well. You don’t want your first cooking session in the multi-cooker to be a bust so yes, this step is quite important.

2-Never overfill

If you have a big family and if you need to prepare massive meals then make sure to buy the right size of multi-cooker for that and even if you do have the right size, just make sure that you aren’t overfilling it whether it’s a slow cook or a pressure cook. Just try to keep it less than ⅔ full or else you can face some safety issues with the cooker.

3-Liquid is a must

It doesn’t matter if you are just steaming the food or literally pressure cooking it, just make sure that there’s always some water inside or any kind of liquid that’s appropriate for the food. Just never turn the multi-cooker on when it’s dry from the inside. Even a half cup of any liquid will work fine for the cooker.

4-Clean the pressure release device

A clogged up pressure releasing device can actually cause a lot of trouble and your cooker can burst open too which is the last thing you want to happen on the Earth. So, before cooking your meal at the pressure setting, make sure that the pressure releasing device isn’t clogged up and it’s all clean so that the pressure can easily get released. Also, don’t use the pressure setting for foods like oatmeal and , etc instead opt for slow cooking when you are dealing with food that sputters.

5-Buy from a reputable company

Remember that if you will only look for the cheapest possible multi-cooker then there are chances that you will end up with a bad quality cooker. It’s not that we are suggesting you to buy the most expensive multi-cooker, in fact, it’s just that you shouldn’t only look at the price tags, in fact, you need to look more on the quality and the features of the cooker so that it works for you for a long time.


These are some of the main things we wanted you to know about a new multi-cooker. So, use the tips we gave you and we assure you that you will have an amazing cooking experience with your new appliance.