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10 Types of Dresses Every Woman Should Know

There are innumerous types of dresses everywhere, but very few women know their names. Different styles of dresses have their definite names. You probably have that challenge too. Maybe you walk in a dress store, you the dress to buy in mind, but the vendor cannot tell what type of dress you want. Why? You fail to know the dress name.

Knowing the different types of dresses will help you get the exact dress you need and save time in the store. Let’s go through some common and important types of dresses every woman should know.

1. Shift dress

This dress is a simple, short dress with a box shape. It is a sleeveless dress best for women with a lean, column-esque body shape.

2. Bodycon dress

As the name suggests, the dress takes note of the body curve. It is stretchy and fits women with different body sizes. The dress appeals more to women with that hourglass figure.

3. Maxi dress

A maxi dress is a long dress ideal for a casual setting. It can either have sleeves or be sleeveless. It conceals almost every part of the body. It’s a good fit to rock it in weddings or just chilling by the pool.

4. Halter Dress

The dress shows off your shoulders and sleeves but covers the rest of the body. It also has a tie around the neck. It’s best won during summer.

5. High-Low Dress

A high-low dress is long at the back and short at the front. The asymmetrical dress is a casual dress that works well for ball gowns. Ensure you wear it with a pair of heels or platforms to prevent dragging it from the back.

6. Peplum Dress

The dress contains a form of extension, or a flare found either at the waist, hips, bust or around the neck, creating a hanging flounce. The fashion style originated from Greek. A pair of heels would rock the peplum dress getting that stunning look.

7. T-shirt Dress

The T-shirt dress is no different from an ordinary T-shirt, only that it may be a bit longer. It is indiscriminative of any body shape and is suitable for any season. Wear it for that movie date or a brunch day out.

8. Denim Dress

A denim dress is the best option, especially when you want the “jeans” vibe. The dress comes in a variety of styles. It can have pockets, varies in lengths, can be either have sleeves or be sleeveless, can have buttons, etc. The casual style is convenient for wear on different occasions.

9. One-shoulder Dress

The dress is characterized by one shoulder. It can either have a strap, elbow-length sleeve, or a full-length sleeve. It is a good dress to attract people’s attention.

10. Midi Dress

The dress lies between being a mini and a maxi dress. It cuts across people with different body types. It is the best dress to rock in when you are not sure of the event’s formality. It is presentable and preservative.


The name and description of your ideal dress are important, especially when trying to get the exact dress. It saves time and gives an assurance of getting what you exactly need. It’s also vital to note the names of the common types of dresses that you can easily get near your favorite dress store. Know the name of that dress, get it, and rock it up on that event!

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