Wednesday, April 21, 2021

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Develop a Strategy to Grow your TikTok Likes

All content creators try to reach out to a larger audience. It is one of the key objectives. Similarly, everyone wants their contents to be liked. This is not only true for TikTok users but all people who are active on different social media platforms. TikTok is like the now defunct Vine, but it is not like Facebook or Twitter. Facebook facilitates uploading and sharing of myriad types of content. TikTok is primarily about videos, as Instagram is for photos. Twitter has more consumers of information than content creators. TikTok is different. It has innumerable content creators.

The difference is important because therein lies the basic understanding of the challenges you shall face while trying to generate TikTok likes. When there are more consumers, content creators have an easier task at hand and they can draw sufficient attention to their uniqueness. If anyone and everyone are putting up some kind of content, then users are spoilt for choice and they are not going to pay much heed to any one user or a certain type of creation. If you, as a content creator, cannot hold the attention of users for a while and then impress them to an extent that they feel the need to click or tap on like, then you will not be able to generate enough endorsements.

The Paradox of Views and Likes

There was a time when views and likes were much more proportional than what we see today. Check a relatively popular video on YouTube, not one of a celebrity, and you will find plenty of views but few likes. This has become a norm as people are in a rush. Even if a video clocks thousands of views, it doesn’t always get even a thousand likes. Videos with millions of views often have a few thousand likes, also several hundred dislikes. Did only those who liked the video actually enjoyed the content? The answer is an indisputable no. A majority of the viewers enjoyed the content but simply did not bother to click or tap on like.

This is the paradox of views and likes that content creators must come to terms with. There is nothing one can do to change the behavior of the audience. Given the many indicators and changing browsing or viewing pattern of most people, this norm is becoming omnipresent and an increasing number of viewers will stop bothering to like a piece of content. That is unless they are truly moved by what they experience. This is why every expert stresses on the important of the quality, originality and relevance of content.

Devise a Multipronged Strategy for TikTok Likes

Content creators using TikTok have an advantage, one that is unavailable on YouTube and other platforms. Users of TikTok celebrate quirkiness. It is a medium for fun, not education or even infotainment. The advantage of quirkiness is that you cannot limit the scope of quaintness. There is only so much you can do with educational content. There is no cap on what you can do with quaintness or quirkiness. The only limit is the combo of imagination and resources of a content creator.

A multipronged strategy is required to generate more likes on TikTok. Those who do not get many likes organically should consider buying a few to get an initial boost. People get influenced by what others are doing on social media. There is always a ripple effect. At the foundation of all viral contents lies this ripple effect. You have to set the ball rolling and this can happen by buying a few likes for TikTok videos. Show your target audience that a specific video is already endorsed by others. This will influence them to take one more step to like the content.

TikTok users are seeking fun and entertainment. Often, they come up with responses and their own ideas of what might interest them. Respond to such expectations. Create contents that the target audience is seeking. This enhances the chances of generating organic TikTok likes. People respond more generously when they get what they had asked for. In the same vein, engage with your TikTok fans or followers. Engage with others too, regardless of their liking your content or following your profile. Engagement drives views and prompts likes on TikTok.

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