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Make Your Study More Fun

Is studying fun? Would you have fun with 1500 pages of Roman Law? Well, if you enjoy yourself like this… but the answer really depends on many factors. I’m not really saying this and I agree that there are more fun activities in the true sense of the term (even if studying Roman Law, with the right Method, can be interesting!).

That said, my advice is to use some gimmicks to make “studying” in general more enjoyable and fun. Let me explain better.

For example, if you love stationery, give yourself some new highlighters or a nice notebook. The thought of writing and underlining with these whims that you have just taken off will make studying more enjoyable than before!

Study Apps

While your phone and tablet should normally be banned when studying (I know, I just told you to put them away) there are exceptional cases where their support is welcome. In fact, there are various applications that can be useful.

If you can’t find concentration because you can’t stay away from cell phone notifications, download Forest: you will have to plant a seed which, as long as you stay away from notifications, will grow luxuriantly; but when you close the application to read the messages, you will condemn your plant to an early death… do you really want to live with this weight?

Staying on the subject of botanical metaphors, if you have problems with languages Memrise will help you memorize words and expressions in an effective and fun way. First, he will show you a series of words with their respective meanings, and after giving you time to remember them he will start asking them in bulk in different ways. Each package of vocabulary learned will grow, even in this case, a beautiful plant!

And if you don’t want to limit yourself to languages and you like the flashcards method, use Anki, an application that gives you the possibility to create your own card packs with a definition on one side and the answer on the other.

The great usefulness of these last two apps is that they record your response trend, so they ask you more often the things you don’t know to make you learn them quickly.

The Sooner You Start… the Sooner you Finish

Even if you’ve been in class all morning and just want to rest and do something else once you get home, make a little effort. Since you have to study anyway, you might as well do it now!

Take as much rest as you need (and not as much as you like), but then don’t delay any longer. You already have little desire to study, if you wait a little longer you give her time to completely subside. Take your daily study schedule and stick to it. Once you’re done, you can indulge in much more enjoyable and rewarding activities. And speaking of gratifying… have you ever thought of doing this?

Regarding the program, try to create one that is tailored to your skills and your timing. It is useless to think of studying 90 pages a day if you normally barely get to 50.

Start with a goal a little higher than what you are sure you will be able to achieve, maybe 65 pages. You will see that the positive feeling of having reached the goal, and the fact that it was already more challenging than usual, will give you a great injection of Motivation. So you can get back on the books and do even better (and thus raise the bar even more).

But please, make sure that the desire to finish your daily study quickly does not lead you to study badly. You will not remember anything and you will have only wasted time. You don’t have to prove anything to anyone, the only person who should care if you stick to your schedule is you.

Study a Little Today so as Not to Study “a Lot” Tomorrow

The main consequence of not wanting to open a book today is having twice as much to study tomorrow. As long as it is an occasional phenomenon, we are not tireless machines and “no” days exist for everyone.

But if your sluggishness is chronic, you will almost certainly be sucked into a vicious cycle of procrastination that will cause you to be completely watered-down within days of the exam.

I don’t think you want to end up like this… So think carefully and consider that a little effort every day saves you a huge effort all at once.


Want to take a break from studying and not do almost anything? In that case, an online essay helper will be of extreme use to you!