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What You Should Know Before Buying a Phone System

If there’s one thing that will give your business a competitive edge, it is the way you choose to deal with your customers. Effective communication is the key to that. Gone are the days when customer service alone would have sealed the deal; in the present business world, it is important to engage your customers.

Here is where, phone calls, score.

Consumer behavior trends state:

  • 65% of people prefer to contact a business by phone, only 24% prefer filling out online forms.
  • 42% of people pick up the phone to call a business at least once a week.

So, you know how important it is for your business to have a dedicated Office Phone System at the place. It helps your business to move from customer service to customer engagement, and whoever doesn’t make the switch – loses the game.

However, there’s only so much that traditional landlines can do for your business. Using them for your business is like using a floppy disk instead of a pen drive and expecting it to do the job. No, it won’t, because it is not meant to serve the present business needs.

Technology and the internet have hands down, taken the world by storm, and it is only wise to leverage them in your business using the best strategies.

One such tool is VoIP. It is the updated technology that your business needs today.
Simply put, VoIP (voice over internet protocol) is phone service over the internet.

Here are questions to help you decide whether or not you should make the switch-

Is your business expanding?

If the answer is yes, you should definitely make the switch. Why? Because, it doesn’t matter if your business is growing in terms of location, or in terms of employees, installing traditional landlines, time and again, would be a hassle. VoIP, on the other hand, allows you to add telephones in the cloud. There is no need for any additional handsets or wiring. In fact, all you need is a high-speed internet connection, and you’ll be able to make or receive calls from your smartphone as well. Amazing? It is!

Looking for a cost-effective communication medium?

Congratulations! Your search has concluded. Making calls through Internet Phone Number is way cheaper compared to the traditional landline phone calls. As a single system is dedicated to voice and data both, cost cut down is obvious. On top of that, various cost-effective international and domestic calling plans prove to be an added advantage.

Do you believe in the power of innovation?

VoIP comes wrapped with a multitude of innovative features. From call queuing, call recording, call forwarding to conference calls, and voicemail to text conversions, VoIP serves you in ways that traditional landlines cannot even imagine. Features like call queuing let your customers know that you value them. Call recording helps in call analysis that not only serves in understanding what works for the customer and what doesn’t but also increases the productivity of the employee as he gets to know the areas in which he needs improvement.

Do you want your business to function 24*7*365?

VoIP makes that possible. Owing to its mechanisms, someone will always be there to attend to your customer needs. If there’s no one to answer the calls at one answer point, another team member will answer the forwarded call at another answering point, thereby making sure your business is always there to serve your customers.

Does your business have many remote workers?

With the world furiously moving towards a gig-economy, it is only smart to modify your business accordingly. VoIP allows your business to run smoothly, even on the go. It allows your team members to connect with your customers from anywhere in the world. All they need is an internet connection and a UK VoIP office number. When a customer calls at your VoIP office phone number, the remote workers can answer them from their smartphones, from any corner of the world.

Do you want to be more productive?

For that, you shouldn’t be bothering about tasks that no longer require human assistance. VoIP comes with the IVR (Interactive Voice Response) feature that ensures that even if you miss a call, an automated assistant will be there to serve your customers. Also, by moving your communication into the cloud, your IT team can be utilized to solve more pressing problems, which can, in turn, enhance your business productivity.

Conclusion – Your customers are all you have. You cannot afford to serve them with anything less than the best. The VoIP phone system understands that. It takes your business-customer relationship to new heights.

Also, VoIP is your business continuity plan that helps your business to function smoothly, even outside the physical boundaries of your office. Just like any other facility, the first step towards making the switch is to be well-aware of your business needs.