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How Much Does Your Dog Actually Miss You When You’re Gone

Dogs are our best friends, but we can never really know what’s going on in their heads. But there’s no quicker way to humanize a dog than to see them at the moment when you first return home. Separation anxiety is real in dogs, and many see their humans as the leader of the pack. But the way that anxiety manifests, and the degree to which it manifests, may surprise you.

Do They Miss Us When We Leave

It can be hard to tell what happens when we leave for the day. If you are a pet owner, there are hours where your pet will be in complete solitude. You may be wondering if dogs miss people. The way they act when we leave and return to them is an indicator they do miss us. But it is hard to tell if they understand the human concept of time and studies haven’t provided much evidence. While they may miss us while we are away they may not even understand how long we were away in the first place.

Separation Anxiety Is Different

Separation anxiety is the real deal when it comes to our furry pals because they can experience it with such a ferocity that is hard to comprehend. If you have a dog that does experience separation anxiety, you need to understand that what they are experiencing is actual stress that should be treated by an experienced professional. You may notice that your pup is scratching, barking, and in general wreaking havoc on your home. If that is the case, separation anxiety is a beast that you should put an effort into conquering.

A great thing about separation anxiety is that the symptoms can be reduced if you can remove and treat the stressors. For example, install dog fencing and allow them to roam outside, enjoying fresh air and the sun. Also, you should make sure that you put the effort into them getting ample amounts of exercise. This could significantly improve their mental health and as a result, you will enjoy being around your furry pal a lot more because things will be peaceful at home.

If your pup experiences separation anxiety, it may be hard to leave them alone. You could feel guilt with the thought of them being alone by themselves. But alone time is good for your dog and could benefit them significantly if they get healthy amounts of solitude.

The solitude could also help strengthen your bond with your dog considering they will have enough time to miss you. Also, the greeting you will get when you come home is unmatched by just about anything you will experience after a busy day. So don’t feel guilty leaving your dog at home for a time. It is good for both of you

Giving your dog the solitude they need to be healthy and fully integrated into your home is wonderful. Making sure that you spend enough time with them is also a requirement if you decide that you are going to adopt a pet. While cats thrive in solitude, dogs need companionship, love, and structure or things can be pretty turbulent and anxiety-inducing. Be sure to read up on how much alone time is healthy for your breed and size of dog.

Owning a dog is a unique and beautiful experience. They are pets that provide you with constant companionship and love that is as memorable as it is important. You have to treat them with the same kindness and compassion that they give you. It could keep them healthy and provide you a partner in life that will be with you throughout the good times and the bad.