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Repurpose Old Furniture with a Paint Sprayer

Throwing the old furniture away is very wasting, especially when your finance is not so strong. Have you ever thought of DIY it with a good paint sprayer? Here is some useful information for a newbie.

The reason to use a paint sprayer to decorate your furniture

Spend time decorating old furniture is interesting. Source:

Your chair in the garden has suffered from the weather and become ugly, but it is still good and you do not want to throw it away. The solution to it is to paint it again with your favourite colours and continue to use it. By this way, you can make it more attractive and add something new to your house. Replacing this old chair with a new one is just a waste of money as you can continue to use it. Moreover, spending some time painting furniture yourself is very interesting, besides the fact that it can help to boost your creativity and finesse.

When it comes to paint spray furniture, you can use a traditional brush or roller method. However, it is suggested that you should use a paint sprayer because it has many benefits over the old method.

As you are not a professional in painting, doing it with a roller can leave the drips in your furniture. This, of course, is not what you are trying to do. Using a paint sprayer can help you to avoid this situation. Moreover, using a painting machine saves you a lot of time. Even when you love to DIY your furniture, spending all day just to paint a swing in your garden is not necessary. The other reasons which make paint sprayer can replace a roller are that it is less cleaning and less wasting.

How to restore your old furniture with paint sprayer?

Safety gears are necessary. Source: Gerson

As a newbie, you need to know carefully how to use a paint sprayer to restore your old furniture. Besides some other tools for the restoring process (we will mention below in each step), you also need safety gears, including ear plugs, filter mask and safety eyewear. Whenever you do something, safety should be the first priority. Paint is very dangerous if it sprays in your eyes.
For the skin in your arm or in your face, paint does not cause serious harm but it is hard to remove. To look which mask can be good for the painting work visit

The first step is to remove flaking, chipping and peeling paints so make the furniture’s surface to be smoother. This step will make the old furniture to appear more beautiful when you have finished. You should use a wire brush to clean the furniture’s surface. If you have sandpaper at home, you can sand the rough surfaces in order to make it smoothy. Moreover, as your furniture is old, there may be some damages in different areas and you need to use wood fillers. Then, wait for the wood filler to be totally dry before lightly sanding the surface again.

In step 2, you have to apply the primer to areas which are bare and let it dry naturally. Then, sanding it one more time so that the new surface with primer will be smooth.

Step 3 is to spray the paint into your furniture. You can choose between semi-gloss and gloss latex paint. Using a paint sprayer is very simple. Just unscrew the compartment and pour the chosen paint in. don’t try to use different colours because it will be hard to spray. Then you pour an amount of water into the paint to make a mixture. The needed water is depended on each type of paint. So, don’t take other people’s advice that you should mix paint and water following a particular ratio. You have to follow the detailed instructions in the back of the paint packages.

Practice before spraying to produce a desirable outcome. Source:

You will find that using a paint sprayer is not too complicated, but spraying to make smoothy surface is quite hard. Therefore, the advice is that you need to practice with paper and water first before doing it on your furniture so that you can make sure there is no mistake when you spraying paint in the furniture.

Being patient and careful when you restore the old furniture with a paint sprayer and you will get the most professional result.

Choosing a good paint sprayer

When looking for a paint sprayer on the Internet, you may be overloaded with hundred of paint sprayer with different designs and colours. Choosing the right paint sprayer is not an easy task. So we will list some paint sprayers that receive a high rating from customers.

Wagner 0518080 Control Spray

This paint sprayer has 3 spray patterns, thus you can choose the one that is suitable for your projects for the best outcome. This sprayer is good for priming, painting or staining door trim, cabinets as well as furniture. For the thin materials, this paint sprayer can control air pressure in order to avoid overspraying. The powerful two-stage turbine helps you to use this paint sprayer with various materials. Painting walls, furniture or any thinner surfaces become so easy with Wagner sprayer.

You can easily set up this paint sprayer in just some minutes. This lightweight sprayer will give the smooth and even finish as the two air filters will prevent the dust from sticking to the finish. In each box, there are a sprayer, a metal cup, plastic cup, hose and user manual.

Graco Ulta Corded Airless Handheld Paint Sprayer 17M359

This paint sprayer is a product from the Graco manufacturer, a famous one in the field of paint sprayer. Its lightweight (0.16 ounces) makes it most suitable for the small projects. If you want to spray the bigger things such as your wall, using this paint sprayer may take much time. This is because the paint container that is connected directly to the bottom of paint sprayer is not large enough and it cannot hold enough paint for a big project. Thus, you may have to stop while doing to refill the paint container.

Graco paint sprayer is suitable for small projects. Source: eBay

High speed and flawless finish are what many people experience when using this paint sprayer. You can use the Ulta Corded Airless Handheld paint sprayer to spray latex paints, oil-based paints, acrylics, enamels and solid stains. Therefore, there is no need to make the material thin. The paint sprayer will help to give high-quality finish with no difficulties.

When buying this product, you will receive 515 True Coat Reversible tips, five liners, storage case, startup tool. In addition, you can read the instructions included or watch the detailed instructions on Graco’s Youtube channel. Then you will know how to best use this paint sprayer.

If you want more information about paint sprayer, go to this address Articles on this website are provided by many experts in the painting sector. On the web, you can find out the best paint sprayers which are available in the market, in which there is paint sprayer for furniture, cars and interior walls. Moreover, when visiting this website, you will get helpful advice on spray paints and how to apply them effectively. Also, there are some useful tricks to better use a paint sprayer.

Before you throw away the old furniture, think about whether you can restore with a paint sprayer or not. It may take time, but you will have a chance to use your creativity in the decorating works.