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How to Spy on Someone’s WhatsApp Without Touching Their Phone

Are you interested in knowing your child’s or partner’s activities over WhatsApp? Do you want to know who they communicate with? If you’re curious about the conversations your loved ones have over WhatsApp without them knowing, here’s the perfect solution.

Whatever reason you might have to keep a check on someone else’s WhatsApp, you will need a reliable tool. You cannot opt for any application that might affect your security and personal information.

In fact, these applications should also have other monitoring features that you might need from time to time. In this article, I have reviewed one of the best monitoring applications that can help you spy on someone’s WhatsApp.

I used this tool to spy on my son to figure out his activities without his knowledge. The app did wonders, and the features that it has are user-friendly. My son never got to know about it, and I was successfully able to do what I wanted.

I have examined this application after checking out all the features and perks that this app offers. So without wasting any further time, let’s check out this ideal WhatsApp spying tool. Figure out if this is the tool that you need.

Spyic: The ideal solution to spying

Spyic is the best WhatsApp app that allows the users to keep a check on another person’s WhatsApp. It is a cross-platform tool that does not require the users to download the application.
This spying solution is one of the leaders in the phone monitoring industry, and it has millions of users. The users of this reputed tool are in over 190 countries. Therefore, it is easy to figure out the reliability of this application.

Spyic has been featured and recommended by some of the best tech reviewers and prestigious platforms. Some of these are Tech Advisor, Tech Radar, Forbes, and New York Magazine. Let’s analyze the features of this WhatsApp spying application.

Monitor WhatsApp messages

With Spyic, you can easily check out the WhatsApp messages being sent to and from the target device. I used the tool, and the updates were quick and accurate. You will get to know who the target user is communicating with through WhatsApp and at what time.

Therefore, if your child is up till late, texting someone, you will get to know about the same. Find out who is sending WhatsApp messages to your loved one and at what time.

Spy on the multimedia files

Spyic has a lot of features, but checking the multimedia files is something that you don’t get with every tool. You can check the photos and videos on the target device. All of this is possible without the other person’s information.

What makes it the ideal solution?

Wondering why you should opt for Spyic with the number of options available in the market? I thought the same! But when I used the application myself, I found the best tool for my needs. There are multiple factors behind the popularity of this app.

The review and recommendations that this application has received are unbelievable. Moreover, the user interface of the tool is contemporary. You don’t have to be tech-savvy to be able to utilize all the features.

Sypic is on iOS and Android, and the best part is that you don’t have to mess with the target device. Android users will not have to root the device, whereas iOS users do not have to jailbreak the target device.

A lot of applications require users to jailbreak or root the target device. This particular step makes the spying task difficult and challenging for most. That is why Spyic has an advantage over the rest.
For iOS users, Spyic provides a web-based solution. Users do not have to download any application on the target device.

When it comes to monitoring the data, it is easily possible to do so in any browser. The cutting edge technology of Spyic allows the users to monitor almost everything on a smartphone.

Here’s how you can spy on WhatsApp

The process of spying on someone’s WhatsApp using Spyic is simple and quick. For Android users, the installation process is quick and can be completed in 5 minutes. Moreover, the app is less than 2M and will not require much space.

If you’re thinking that the user will find out about an unknown application installed on their device, then worry not! There is an option to hide the app icon once the installation is complete. You can do so by operating in stealth mode.

Here is how you can monitor WhatsApp on another smartphone with Spyic:

Step #1: Visit the website of Spyic and make an account. This is a quick process and can be completed within a few seconds. You should remember the password and username for later use as well.

Step #2: For iPhones and iPads, you won’t have to install anything on the target device. The Spyic iOS solution requires only its official website since it is a cloud-based solution. However, you will require the iCloud credentials of the target user.

For the target users with Android devices, you will be required to install the application. The tool can be installed within minutes. After the app is downloaded, give it all the permissions and follow the on-screen instructions.

After the installation of the app, you won’t have to physically control the target device again. You can even uninstall the app from the target device using the control panel on the website.

(Note: Be aware of any application that claims to have monitoring tools without downloading any app on the target Android device. It is not technically possible. So make sure that you are not putting your safety at risk.)

Step #3: Allow the application to sync the data. The process might require some time depending on the size of the data. After this, you will be all set to spy on the device. You can simply log in to the control panel with your Spyic credentials.

All the controls that you need will be on the dashboard. You can check what the target user is doing on WhatsApp. To do this, head to the navigation panel on the left side.

On the navigation panel, there will be an option of ‘Social Media Apps’. Click on WhatsApp to check all the activities of the target user over the instant messenger.

A reliable way to spy

There are various other perks of using this application. You can check everything that the user is doing on his or her smartphone. Moreover, the target user will not get to know about it.
Spyic is a reliable and tested spying tool. It is a highly useful tool if you want to monitor the smartphone of your loved one. Check out a detailed demo of the application on the website.

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