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Qualities of the Best Cigar Lighters for 2021

Getting ripped has become a norm. Many will relate to these, and the cigar industry is not of any exceptions. Any cigar aficionado will tell you that your lighter’s quality has serious effects on your whole puffing experience. To get the best lighter, answer the following questions.

How Is The Flame?

An ideal cigar lighter should have a strong flame that should be windproof and not add to the cigar’s original taste in the first few puffs.  Also, go for a lighter with a flame adjuster just in case you need to regulate the flame size.

How Large And Heavy Is It?

Bitting only what you can chew is a great virtue; here go for what you can handle. Basically, choose the best cigar lighters with the size and weight that you are comfortable with.

What Ignition Type Does It Have?

A variety is available here. You can go for the status making zippo style lighter, a piezo spark ignition, or even a plastic spark wheel lighter. Our recommendations are the zippo style lighters for the more advanced cigar masters while the piezo spark lighters go to the beginners. Here the advantage of experience takes effect.

While qualities of a good lighter are essential, it is good to also compare notes with other cigar fans. It might land you on that dream cigar lighter you have been waiting for. Below are top notes to compare from.

Top Recommended Best Cigar Lighters

Xikar quad cigar lighter-this exquisitely made jet cigar lighter is the cream of the crop. Its combination of control and power packaged in an attractive and portable package is amazing. Although not for the casual smoker, this lighter is worth all the dime.  It is host to a pull-down ignition and a flip-top lid, so you are guaranteed perfection.

Vertigo triple torch cigar lighter-Incase you are a casual smoker or even a beginner guy, this is your place. Here we present you with a cheap and plentiful lighter. Again who would resist a triple jet flame, a fuel window, and a quartz-powered ignition for wind resistance at a budget?

Alec Bradley tabletop cigar lighter-You want a statement maker? This is your place. This monster gets you a 1.4 oz fuel tank with fuel enough to light 1000 cigars. As if that was not enough, you get all the controls here with an adjustment knob put in place. Cover all that with a sleek design, and watch them give you that wow as they puff up.

Small portable torch lighter-Let’s face it; we have all thought about puffing the cigar outdoors. Our number one concern became that large lighter, but here is the small guy good for that job. With its pen size, adjustable wheel, and single-click ignitions, this is a dream in reality for many cigar enthusiasts. To braise that up, you get 500 times of use on a single butane tank; what a deal.