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Ultimate Moving Guide: How to Move Antique Furniture?

Are you fond of antique furniture? Haven’t you ever wondered looking at them—what life-changing events, turbulent times and the history they behold and have witnessed? Every piece of antique furniture has a story to tell. The kind of people that have used them and the secrets they keep. Intriguing, right? Antique pieces of furniture have always been more than furnishing pieces and add so much value to your house. Antique furniture is not only beautiful but it holds memories of time immemorial, having feelings of their own, if only it could speak, will it tell you the stories of the era bygone.

With so much value to offer, it becomes of vital importance to think about them thoroughly when you are moving houses. It is not only a radical change but certainly demands all your time and effort to make a residential move. So what do you do with these delicate pieces of timeless art and much value? Do you sell them or take them with you and if you do, how do you plan to move them with you? It can all be really taxing and will definitely take a lot of your time in planning.

Here are some smart moving tips of your antique furniture—

Preparing Antique Furniture for Moving

While moving too many things can go wrong and there might be circumstances that will be beyond your control—things can go terribly wrong even for the most well-planned moving. You must make sure of the safety of your valuable furniture at every step. Proper preparation is so important for the survival of your antiques. Begin with emptying your furniture pieces; it will help make them lighter and easier to carry, foolproofing them against damage due to heavy-weight. It is also important to clean them several days in advance of your move. Remember to inspect the furniture closely to identify any potentially problematic parts.

Hire a Good Removals Company

Your valuable antique furniture is too delicate for any random company to move. It is best for you to research well ahead in advance for the best furniture removalists. Check your antique furniture well ahead in advance for any loose parts, damage, weakened elements, unsecured pieces, etc. to be able to instruct your movers accordingly. The professional removalists will ensure maximum safety of your valuable antique furniture. That being said, if you are looking for the best movers in the city, there are many options available online for furniture removalists in Sydney. This step will ensure that your furniture pieces are safe in their hands and since major house removalists in Sydney provide insurance, your valuable antique pieces will be treated with utmost care and prudence.

Getting Your Antique Furniture Appraised

It is advisable for you to obtain an antique furniture appraisal as verification the value your precious antiques hold. It is crucial for you to find an authorized and trustworthy antique furniture appraiser. This step will ensure that the appraiser will assess your treasured furniture pieces thoroughly and provide you with their actual worth.

Planning Ahead

The better you are planned for the day of moving, the easier it will be for you to navigate through the complexities of moving antique furniture to your new house.

  • Start with finding the safest route to your new house from the old one. Next, make sure to measure the dimensions of your furniture and the door of your new house to know if it can be easily maneuvered in and out.
  • Be ready with the floor plan of your new home to ensure that the furniture is carried directly to their assigned places to avoid unnecessary moving as they have already stood the test of time.

Final thoughts

A piece of antique furniture is more than just furnishing good. It does not only add value to your house but has generations worth of memories and feelings. Be thorough in your moving preparation for your antique furniture. Do not forget to hire the best removals company for a hassle-free move, ensuring the maximum safety of your treasured belongings.