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5 Super-Edgy Eyeliner Styles

Ladies, an eyeliner is like the “Tofu” of makeup — an easy way to serve in any flavor you might crave. Don’t you agree?

We all know that nothing brings a look together better than an eyeliner. A dash of black liner on your waterline makes us look alert, a small flick on the outer corner to look fiercer and a sweep of liner across the eyelids to look fresh and put together. Depending on where you’re headed, there are endless ways to do your eyeliner in a really fun and trendy style that also serves your look right! Can you feel us, this tiny wand can do wonders!

To step up your eyeliner game we scrouged through Instagram to put together the latest liner trends. From thin lines to bold, glitter cut creases to holographic wings; here’s an assembly of the freshest eyeliner styles to amp up your game.

Check out these awesome eyeliner styles for any occasion!

Invisible Eyeliner

Ever since we watched Deepika Padukone rocking the no-line liner look with just an eyeliner brush and gel eyeliner/ liner pencil, we’ve become overly obsessed with the adding of an ultra-fine line of eyeliner along the upper lashes too.The perfect way to ace this look is to use minimal eyeliner and stay very close to your lash line while working in precise lines.

Look close enough and you’ll see it, the “invisible eyeliner”!

Classic Eyeliner

The classic eyeliner style is the quick pick up for the everyday girl! It serves to highlight the eyes without adding too much drama and is perfect to carry during the daytime. It gives you a soft, girly look to go with your floral dresses! You can create this look by lining only the upper eyelids, swiping the liner- starting from the inner corner of your eyes and ending with a soft wing.

Coloured Eyeliner

Coloured eyeliners remind us how much fun makeup can be! Colored eyeliners are slowly but surely replacing our beloved OG versions of black eyeliners, and we’re nothing less of obsessed with their takeover. They contrast so well with metallic shadows or neutral base. To create coloured eyeliner look, all you need to is apply a pop color eyeliner in place of regular black.

Cue Tip: Turquoise blue eyeliner is all the rage, today!

Glitter Eyeliner

The party season calls for a glitter eyeliner! Trust us or not, glitter liners are the next best eye makeup trend to experiment with right now. Even if you are not a professional makeup artist, you can create a stunning, glittery eyeliner look in a matter of minutes. Glitter eyeliners are the most pigmented and in liquid form, they glide effortlessly on to the eye. You can apply them on both your upper or lower lash line. After all, what’s not to love about a dramatic eye look?

Graphic Eyeliner

Graphic Eyeliners are totally on trend! It’s the modern, almost futuristic runway eyeliner design to flaunt your way. Graphic eyeliners can go super simple or super dramatic, depending on what you’re trying to recreate. Fret not, you don’t have to have those extra drawing skills of an architectural draftsman to get spectacular, eye-catching results. Anything to everything works!

Have fun creating your own eyeliner look, ladies!